A Few Ideas for the Netflix/Obama Marriage…………….

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Mr. and Mrs. Obama signed a deal with Netflix to provide their view of entertainment and education for discerning viewers. I would like to help the Obama’s out with a few ideas for programming.

1- Sitcom: You Can Keep Yo’ Doctor…Never-Mind No You Can’t. Setting for this show would be a large understaffed, underfunded large city hospital preferably somewhere deep in a ghetto. Patients come in and get shifted around to various doctors depending on their diagnosis, insurance coverage or political party.

2- Reality TV: The Thug Life. Contestants are dressed in the hoods finest clothing including hoodies, gold chains, gang tats and pants hanging well below the belt line. They are then dropped off in neighborhoods and told to walk around like they are casing homes for a burglary.  Each weeks survivors continue on the show and are dropped off in neighborhoods with more expensive homes, increased neighborhood watch and police presence until the last hoodlum standing wins an hour of undocumented shopping access to the rich person’s home of his or her choice.

3- Shopping Club: Homey’s House of Bargains. The finest in redistributed items from unknown donors whose homes have been ransacked by undocumented shoppers. Bargains galore. Nobody sells items cheaper than Homey.

4- Reality TV: So You Wanna Be an American? Well step right up. This show will help an illegal alien become a citizen in style. Need a Birth Certificate, Barry’s Documents can hook you up. Driver’s License, name a state. College Records that are sealed tighter than a dead body wrapped in plastic wrap, name an Ivy League school. Everything the aspiring illegal needs to succeed in America and maybe even be elected President one day.

5- Drama: Hawaiian Preppies: Follow the exploits of the wacky rich kids who populate and pollute Hawaii’s most expensive, exclusive and liberal prep schools. The suspense of whether or not that transgender pan-sexual dwarf can actually make the cheer-leading squad.  Can the kid from Kenya with the questionable birth certificate get a prom date. Drama, suspense and romance. Rumor has it Al Gore wants to portray the gym teacher.

6. Sitcom. Reboot the Jeffersons: Barry and Michelle could play George and Wheezy with Bill Clinton portraying the honky neighbor. Maxine Waters would be a perfect fit for the house-keeper.

7- Public Service. Al Sharpton on Da Law: Al could explain the difference between shoplifting and robbing a store, share info on how to owe thousands in taxes and not have to pay it back and his biggest super power: how to organize and incite a riot that leads to property destruction and personal injuries without ever having to serve time in jail.

I hope these ideas help Barry and Michelle with their new career. I think getting a second chance after nearly destroying a great country like America is wonderful. Even a couple as evil, spiteful and racist as the Obama’s deserve a second chance.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They are expressed with the full consent of the American Constitution regarding FREE SPEECH. Sarcasm, humor and cynisism were used as ingredients when this blog was written. For the full receipe formula send a self addressed stamped envelope to me.


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