Europe’s Suicide Continues…………………..

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Serious pondering on a serious subject:

The European Union probably started out with good intentions and seemed like a good idea at the time. As membership grew the Union’s power also increased. You probably know the old saying ‘power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Many member nations decided to allow Islamic invasion to become the norm and are now suffering accordingly. Terror attacks, increased incidents of rape and many areas of major European cities have become lawless hell-holes where even police don’t dare enter. As a matter of fact these countries are so afraid to be called Islamophobic, they have laws preventing anyone from freely expressing the truth about the evil doctrine that pretends to be a peaceful religion (ISLAM). Recently a British reporter named Tommy Robinson reported on an Islamic rape gang and he ended up arrested for exposing the evilness that surrounded this gang. The British courts ordered no press coverage or discussion about his arrest probably out of fear some Islamic crazy would be offended at the truth Mr. Robinson revealed. How sad. Is diversity more important than the safety of a country’s citizens? I say no way. Why does Islam have to be ‘protected’ from the truth if it is truly a religion of peace and love? I think most people with common sense know different at least I hope so. Alas, European leadership and British politicians sadly seem to be bankrupt when it comes to common-sense.

In Ireland they recently held a vote to legalize abortion on demand. In an electoral decision that made blood thirsty femi-nazis happy abortion became legal. How sad. St. Patrick must surely be weeping for his beloved Isle. How anyone, especially a woman who can be a mother to a child, can willingly and carelessly decide to KILL that unborn child because they don’t want the responsibility of  raising that child is well beyond my sense of reason. Motherhood is sacred, unfortunately for many modern women motherhood is an inconvenience that they don’t want. I guess that is the price one pays for living in a secular society that preaches it’s all about YOU and only YOU.

These are but two examples of Europe’s disgraceful and pathetic behavior. The sad thing is many American progressives want America to follow in Europe’s foot-steps. Sure we already wantonly and indiscriminately kill unborn children at will in America. Now we have a vocal group of misguided and unhinged people who want Islam to invade America along with anyone else who wants to come here and help progressives destroy our country. Islam and Democracy are totally incompatible. Islam is a doctrine and manifesto written by a mad-man who wanted to rule the world. It is not peaceful or about love. It is about submission and crushing your enemies. Unlike Tommy Robinson I am still free to write the truth but if certain people are allowed to have their way in American politics that will not always be the case. Wake up America, before it is too late. A country without borders ceases to be a country. A country without a central guiding united philosophy is doomed to anarchy and prone to self-destructive behaviors. The new civil war for America’s soul has started whether we want to believe it or not. Choose your side wisely because America’s future depends on that choice.

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