The Rules Ain’t The Same Man………………….

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Used to be, there were set rules for life. Men in particular knew what was expected of them and women followed certain rules also but in today’s society those rules and lines are as clear as mud. Here are a few rules about being a man, that once upon a time every man learned and obeyed. Society today however makes following these rules more difficult than they should be.

1- Rejection is not personal: Well, maybe not always but today there sure do seem to be a lot of femi-nazi women out there whose main objective is to ridicule and destroy a man’s masculinity. On top of that challenge that honey you just met at that dive bar might not even be a honey but some kind of deranged gender confused creature who is looking to mess you up. I for one am sure glad my dating and courting days are behind me. No telling what sort of trouble I would be in if I had to meet, date and court women in today’s world.

2- The world values you for what you can do not who you are: Well this rule certainly has changed. We recently had a President for eight years whose previous accomplishments were non-existent. Social media like Twitter and the people in the entertainment/sports world seem to believe they are better than everyone else and therefore offer their ‘enlightened’ opinions and suggestions on how despicable and racist we are. People go above and beyond any means necessary to attain fame even though they have done little if anything to deserve that fame. David Hogg for instance, who in the wide world of sports is he to be preaching to law-abiding Americans about their evil observance of the 2nd amendment. I have had guns pointed at me and after the crisis was over I never thought about becoming an activist or spokesperson. We have other famous people who are famous for being famous giving tips and advice and these folks are usually morally and mentally bankrupt. Kardashians, Jenners, most politicians.

3- The world is not slanted in your favor. This one is still true for normal salt of the earth people like myself. Again, for athletes, entertainers, and other rich folk the world is definitely slanted in their favor. As an old school politician from Pennsylvania once said, “money talks and BS walks”. Today it seems money enables BS to talk and walk.

4- Women are nothing like men: Hallelujah…….. Thank the Lord that men and women are not the same. They each have their role in society, the world, and life. No gender questioning, feminist bully, nasty woman is ever going to convince me different. Talk to my hand, on occasion my middle finger cause the ears ain’t listening. The differences between men and women are there because they are supposed to be there. Differences make a difference in relationships, life and the seemly antiquated tradition of marriage.

5- There are no shortcuts to success: Again for common folk who do not have vast financial resources this rule is true. Many a commoner has become a rich and successful person and have kept themselves humble and gracious. Most have not. Certainly the people born into privilege have little or no connection to commoners. Life is funny that way. Our political class has lost even an inkling of what it is like to be a regular citizen who works a real job, pays taxes and suffers thru endless government rules that pollute and prevent a person from living life to the fullest as they see fit. Entertainers and athletes for the most part are totally out of touch too. It’s a shame but that is how today’s world is shaped.

In days gone by, people were connected on many levels. Politicians were just regular folk who once upon a time didn’t even work full-time as a politician. Sports figures had other jobs in the off-season to make ends meet. Entertainers were patriotic Americans who loved their country and respected their fans. Now little if any of these things are true. For what it is worth I believe this a sad state of affairs.

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