Cranky is Good……………..

The older I get the more comfortable I become at embracing my crankiness. Research has actually proven that irritation and cynicism have benefits people probably are not aware of. Please allow me to elaborate.

Feeling a little down as the case might be? Well a study conducted at the University of New Wales (I wonder if the old Wales were hunted to extinction?), showed communication and critical thinking skills can actually increase when our happiness levels decrease. So remember that when some idiot decides to annoy you before that first cup of coffee in the morning. Your heightened communication skills might just be the reason his behavior is annoying you and therefore enabling you to think about poring that hot coffee over his annoying head.

Negative moods are an alarm trigger letting us know we are facing a new potentially problem filled situation that requires our focus. While anger can present itself in these situations this anger should be embraced because it may lead to a burst of creativity. The study surmised that the reason for this creativity is anger can be stimulating and energizing. I guess that is why crimes of passion are so brutal, all that creativity and energy from passionate anger explodes all at once.

Cranky people can be superior negotiators or good decision makers. Why? Because they are not easily swayed by naysayers or opponents. Jeff Bezos, Mr. Amazon himself is fond of saying “Sorry I didn’t take my stupid pills today” when presented with an idea or proposal that he finds lacking. Many geniuses throughout history were considered short-tempered and grumpy, Issac Newton, Beethoven to name a few.

Being ill-tempered means you are less likely to be gullible and therefore more likely to make better judgment calls. Personally I know there is a thin line to be had in this regard because if you allow yourself to be too angry you can allow yourself to make bad decisions because you react on an overly personal level.

As I have written before, it seems everything and anything can be a cause for good or bad. While everyone wants happiness, the pursuit of happiness can lead to unhappiness. If something makes us angry, the angry feeling can lead us to be more aware of why we are angry and how we might alleviate that anger constructively. I have to admit this frame of mind is something I never thought about as a younger man but now that I am a bit more seasoned it makes sense.

So if your feeling grumpy, embrace that feeling but do your best to turn that frown or sneer into a motivating factor that will make your day and maybe your life just a little bit better. I do at times enjoy my crankiness especially when presented with an all too willing and available target. That target can be someone at work who doesn’t have a clue about something important that may be going on. That target can be a spouse that doesn’t recognize your ability as a male to embrace the fact you can be perfectly happy thinking about absolutely nothing at all.  That target might even be a person we do not personally know like a news commentator or entertainer who chooses to share an idea that makes absolutely no sense. I guess in closing our own personal realities offer many situations where being cranky can lead to optimum results. Stay cranky my friends.

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