Random Thoughts and Such………..

Apparently some scientists published an article recently in a journal called ‘Nature Astronomy’. The article outlines a study that came to the conclusion that Uranus smells like rotten eggs. I can’t say for sure that I needed to know this information but I do know the headline Uranus Smells Like Rotten Eggs is just plain funny.

Penn State has had an ‘outing’ club for almost 100 years. No it does not have anything to do if identifying gay students on campus. The club actually organizes backpacking events, hikes and other out-door activities. Now the morons who run the school will no longer sanction the club when it proposes outdoor activities. Why? Because since some of the club’s outdoor activities may take students to areas that are out of cell phone range, the university believes this is an unacceptable risk. I guess my question would be if that is really true, why has this club been able to stay in existence for almost a century with no issues before cell phones came along? Seems like someone is just being a bit melodramatic concerning student safety.

Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg recently was questioned by politicians in Washington D.C. and for anyone who believed this hearing and the questioning was worth-while here is an interesting fact. It seems Zuckerberg by recent estimates had donated almost 1 million dollars combined to all the politicians who questioned him. This fact may not mean anything, but to me it shows how hearings like this and politicians in general just like to waste tax payer money and time doing things that just don’t matter all that much.

In a quest to reach just about anywhere at anytime Amazon is now offering free delivery to your car. The introduction starts in 37 cities and is available to owners of new GM and Volvo vehicles.

Nearly half of music revenues in 2017 cam from on-line streaming 17.4 billion dollars worth. The revenues were about a billion more than the total for 2016. These revenues will probably grow for the foreseeable future. I know I have recently found tickets to live concerts being more than out of my budget range. Streaming is probably the best way to get your music at still reasonable prices.

Now I am sure we have all heard about Facebook and You Tube censoring material it finds offensive. Ironic in You Tube’s case since eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms seems to have missed the censorship board. Anyway there is a guy in Scotland that has been fined $1,100 bucks because of his pug’s offensive displays on You Tube. Apparently this pug does the Nazi salute with its paws when prompted. In Scotland that will be a fine due to the salute being an offensive gesture. What a world we live in where a dog can be fined for Freedom of speech, or bark…..or whatever.

When I lived in Philadelphia many years ago there were fake ads on one radio station for a business entrepreneur named Morty. Now I don’t remember exactly but I don’t believe Morty had a last name. Anyway while in a bit of a nostalgic frame of mind I present my version of a Morty business ad. Picture was found and borrowed from the website: http://knuckledraggin.com/   A site I have grown fond of visiting over the years.

Forget costly burials, stop polluting the air with cremation. Morty’s Mortuary has the newest is dead body removal technology available at affordable prices. Call now for a free consultation. If Morty can’t do it cheaper no one can……………………………………………..





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