Is It BS or Not, I Report You Decide………….

Bill Cosby just picked up an endorsement contract for a new desert treat called Jail-O. The contract is dependent upon his arrival at a prison if and when that ever happens. Wealth has it’s privileges I guess since Cosby can remain under house arrest while his guilty verdict is appealed. Any of us poor commoners would already be incarcerated for being the sexual deviant Cosby is. Cosby offered some thoughts on going to prison by remarking he felt like Nelson Mandela. Might want to re-think that comparison Bill, you are a convicted rapist while Mandela and his wife were murderers who specialized in burning political opponents alive. Along with being a pervert seems Cosby’s choice in role models isn’t very good. Just saying……

CNN finally broke a story recently that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that President Trump is a criminal. After months of intense investigation and witness seeking, CNN reports that Trump once ran a business from his parent’s home without acquiring the necessary state and local permits to do so. Seems Trump opened a lemonade stand when he was ten years old and the stand did not meet regulatory rules for such a business. There will be a one hour special on this serious breach of business laws and Bobby Mueller will be calling witnesses to see if there were Russian customers who purchased lemonade from this illegal business. Stay tuned to CNN for more info on this story.

The university of Texas has announced it will treat masculinity as a mental health disorder. Well color me surprised that any institution in Texas would be stupid enough to follow liberal/progressive BS concerning masculinity. So let me get this straight, people who don’t know what gender they are or even which bathroom to use are normal. Guys who act like guys have a mental health issue. Call me crazy but I think something nasty is in the university’s water system.

Great Britain is once again proving how un-great they actually are. The socialized medicine Britain’s citizens suffer under is claiming another innocent baby’s life by deciding medical treatment is not worth the money it would cost to help the child. When I read these types of stories I have to wonder why there are so many people in America who believe that government-run health-care is such a wonderful idea. Do you really want some moron with no medical knowledge or training deciding whether you or a family member get to live or die? Oh well, just another example of how life has become meaningless after abortion is considered a ‘right’.

PETA is in the news again. Apparently they are helping some lawyers get rich from a lawsuit to resolve the question that is on everyone’s mind “Shouldn’t monkeys be able to hold the copyrights to their selfies?”. I know I have laid awake at night pondering that query, wait a minute, no I haven’t….Anyway, it seems a nature photographer set up some camera equipment in a monkey habitat and after befriending the creatures let his new friends take selfies of themselves. The pictures were published and of course PETA members having absolutely nothing worthwhile in their lives to do, found the pictures upsetting. My advice to the judge in this case would be to tell PETA to stop monkeying around and then he should dismiss the case as frivolous and nonsensical.

Unfortunately a terrorist attack recently claimed innocent lives in Canada. Ironically the terrorist was not an Islamic nut-job but suffered from something called ‘incel’. Being the curious type I researched incel and found it was connected to people who were involuntarily celibate. Say WHAT!!! This crazy Canuck killed innocent people just because he had trouble getting laid? Dude, did you ever hear the word prostitute? Look it up moron. Wouldn’t it be ironic if somehow this crazed sex craving moron got Bill Cosby as a cellmate. Bet Bill could enlighten him on solutions for his sex issues. Sad, just sad what our world has come to.

Last but definitely not least comes a story that made me think: Why didn’t I think of that!!!”. Diversity has become a divisive issue in America and many companies are struggling with compliance so they can feel good about themselves and make customers believe the company is diverse and hip. To help these companies be diverse without actually being diverse comes: Rent a Minority. Thai is correct, don’t want to hire some illegal from some shit-hole country you can’t even find on a globe? Have no fear. Rent a Minority will provide you with the minority of your choice when you have a public company gathering or media event to host and you find your company might be too white for optics sake. Need a smiling Muslim woman when doing an event to promote Islam as a religion pf peace? They got the perfect candidate. Need an intellectual black dude with eyeglasses? Yep got you covered. They even have candidates who can pose as ethically ambiguous people. They might be Mexican, Native American, or even mixed race. Let your audience decide. They promise to have the right minority for every occasion. The web-site is here if you need more info:

Well looky here!!! Time for my medication and sponge bath. Till next time……………………….



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