Pondering Some Questions Today……..

I live in the USA, yet when I watch the Weather Channel they do forecasting using something called the European Model. Why? Shouldn’t there be an American model for better accuracy?

Why are people who identify or believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte considered crazy but a person who thinks or believes they are a different gender considered ‘normal’?

If atheists truly don’t believe there is no God why do they get upset at other people who do believe in God?  Can’t atheists just go along to get along?

If illegal immigrants are truly in America to do the jobs American citizens won’t do, then why isn’t the unemployment rate at zero?

Black History Month celebrates accomplishments by black people thru history. However sometimes those accomplishments are made possible by help from white people. For instance, Jackie Robinson was the first black man to play Major League Baseball. His accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible if Branch Rickey a white baseball executive hadn’t signed Robinson to a contract that enabled him to play in the majors. In the name of inclusiveness and diversity shouldn’t Branch Rickey also be celebrated during Black History Month?

Why do  major cities give drug addicts free access to clean needles to safely engaged in their addiction/’disease’ but people with diabetes need to pay for their own needles to treat their very real disease?

If diversity is such a great idea, why is it only practiced or forced upon certain countries? Asian countries are predominately Asian, Africa is predominately black, etc.etc. Why don’t these countries join in the ‘fun’ and ‘games’ diversity brings? Seems like only Europe, Canada and America want to show how tolerant they are. Interesting.

When Obama was president people believed that if a white person disagreed with his policies it had to be because of racism. Since Obama has white as well as black ancestors, if he ever disagreed with a decision he made after the fact, does that mean he is also racist?

Why did the FBI not even bother investigating Nikolas Cruz even though they were notified he posed a danger in his community? Even when terror attacks occur in America we see stories that the suspect was on law-enforcement radar and yet these people were allowed to carry out their crimes. Sounds like the FBI needs a through rebuilding and rebranding plan. J Edgar Hoover must be spinning in his grave.

Why can’t people who advocate for the rights of the mentally ill finally admit there are actually mentally ill people who need to be forcefully committed to institutions? Hoping these people take their meds and behave is not good enough without more safeguards and close monitoring.

Why do politicians who support amnesty for illegal immigrants from Mexico keep talking about these immigrants as just wanting to pursue a better life in America. Latest stats show these immigrants poured billions into the Mexican economy. If they truly dream about pursuing the American dream why do they send money to Mexico, a country they supposedly left for better opportunities? Why do these criminals wave the Mexican flag at rallies in support of amnesty? Didn’t they leave Mexico because conditions were horrible and America was better?

Why are black communities in major cities like Baltimore, Milwaukee etc.etc angry because the murder and crime rates have risen in those communities? Didn’t they scream for less police intervention in their neighborhoods because of racism? Also why are black police officers in these cities reluctant to patrol predominately black neighborhoods?

Lots of questions, some for which I believe I have answers while others just boggle the mind.














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