Faith in a Faithless Society………….

Looking around I can’t help but wonder just WHAT THE HELL has happened to American society. Deranged people walk among us and while not only wishing they can hurt people they sometimes actually do commit atrocities. Women kill their unborn children without so much as a second thought, Planned Parenthood sells the aborted body parts for money, we allow 3rd world criminals and savages access to our country and subsidize them with money and benefits. I am going to posit a theory that a great deal of the malaise America suffers from is caused by a disregard and lack of Faith.

Once upon a time America was largely a Christian country. People were predominantly God-fearing, belonged to the religious affiliation of their choice and lived their lives by what they found in the Bible. Things were pretty good in those days of yore. School shootings were just about unheard of, rioting was a criminal act and not yet a form of protest and politicians for the most part still governed by what was good for the country not by party politics. Ah the good old days.

Somewhere along the way Americans began losing their Faith. I can only theorize from what I have experienced so the late sixties and early seventies are my best frame of reference. College students began protesting and rebelling, usually because of the teachings of some radical professor. Revolution became a fad embraced by the young and sex, drugs and protest changed the American personality. Some might say for the better, however I am not in agreement with that opinion. I remember those days being the first time I began seeing GOD is Dead signs and I remember violence was a part of campus life and drugs were destroying people’s minds not enlightening them. Anyway those years were the first time I saw America as a country divided not united. Little did I know that I was experiencing the early stages of liberal/progressive social engineering. I was young and didn’t have the wisdom and information I have now as an enlightened older guy. Heck I even voted for Jimmy Carter, the first and last Democrat I ever voted for.

Bowing to pressure from unhappy constituents and citizens abortion became legal, drug use became accepted and politicians began to realize that if they played their cards right, they just might sway the public away from having Faith in God to having Faith in what the government could give to the people especially the special interest groups who had the money, publicity and microphone to scream the loudest. Unfortunately the uneducated masses and I am actually referring to many college educated young adults back then, bought this political product lock, stock and two smoking barrels. America’s decline has continued unabated since and here we are more divided than ever as a country.

Looking back I see problems with most of the political leadership we experienced after the seventies but never more so than when a Democrat was in office. Reagan led with authority, class and did what was best for America, Bush the elder couldn’t keep promises and led to Bill Clinton who turned the White House into a whore-house. Morals? Depends on what you mean eh? Bush 2 started out OK but just didn’t seem to have a backbone and let Democrats walk and ridicule him as they saw fit. Sorry, leaders need to be strong, a weak leader is a useless leader. Then came the ultimate American voting mistake, Barak Obama. Talk about useless. This guy is so racist he even hates his own white relatives. Now that’s RACIST. He divided the country like no other President before him except for the tyrant known as Abe Lincoln. That’s right I said tyrant and I meant it. More on Lincoln and his political and war crimes will come another day. The Obama reign was a complete and utter disaster and has left America in a shambles. Frankly Faith in government is useless and only leads to the disaster we are currently living thru.

Personally I have Faith, Faith in God to guide me and help me live the best life possible. That same faith also enables me to have faith in myself as a person and citizen of the United States. My rules are I love God, Family and Country no deviation. I know right from wrong and much of what I see from Washington D.C. and from people in America is just plain wrong. I do not have much faith in politicians or government. Actually I believe that this time in our history is a sign that faith in GOD is hard at work attempting to right all the wrongs our elected ‘leaders’ have cursed us with and might be the last peaceful chance for our country to get right again. GOD made sure we didn’t elect an evil and vile woman President. It’s up to us to have Faith in Him now and turn this country around. Keep the Faith people and who knows what can happen? Anyone with me?

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