Entertainer Entitlement……….

Why does it seem that every wealthy entertainer or athlete have to educate and enlighten their fans about political views, opinions and a host of other subjects?  Do these people really think what they believe matters that much to their fans? Why do they seem to think they have a right to protest in their work place when many Americans are denied that right? Guess what that stadium or theatre or TV studio is your workplace whether you think so or not. Why? Why? Why?

The only answer I can come up with is money. LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick and other ‘oppressed’ multi-millionaire athlete wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar if they couldn’t shoot a basketball or throw a pass.  Yet their money and ‘prestige’ grants them the narcissistic right to believe they can save America and make a difference. Sorry guys, as far as I am concerned you’re an overpaid sports figure who would probably be totally unknown if you weren’t a professional athlete. Same thing with entertainers, Jennifer Lawrence is taking a year off to help make society better. Whatever, I couldn’t care less. I find your political opinions idiotic and your movies are just not that entertaining. Take two or three years off, I highly doubt anyone will miss you.

Our cultural is a mess. The press and some brain-dead fans have made stars out of the Kardashians, idiots on You Tube who eat laundry detergent pods, any number of ‘reality’ show participants and probably a few other morons I have missed by just not paying attention to their shows or internet headlines. Why people? Do we just have so many channels and entertainment venues we need to support horribly unentertaining and mentally numbing shows? I don’t mean to say every entertainment offering has to be thought-provoking, heck I hate movies and TV shows that are preaching about diversity and political views I see as idiotic. I just mean what is wrong with just being entertained and forgetting about all the social issues and BS that makes up our political scene today. If I want to watch football I want to watch football. I don’t want to see pampered millionaires kneeling because they feel so oppressed. Hey I wish somebody would pay me big money to feel oppressed. I think I could do a pretty good job at it. If watching TV or a movie entertain me or show me some talent. I don’t give a rodents bum about an entertainers views on gun control or a writers views about diversity. Give me some decent acting a story that is somewhat intelligent and I am good to go. If not, you won’t get my money.

Sadly it is not just entertainers or sports figures either. Authors have turned into political analysts, Stephen King has written some entertaining books and now believes he can win us over with his liberal and misguided political views on gun control or whatever the issue of the day is. Sorry Stevie, writing might be your best genre, speaking political topics makes you sound like an idiot. I have unfortunately found many newer authors today offer novels that include liberal opinions on diversity, sexuality and gender. It makes me miss authors from other decades who entertained and still made readers think without preaching on a soap box. Authors like David Eddings, Robert Heinlein, Harry Harrison etc.etc.etc. Those guys wrote books that were entertaining and let their fans decide what the deeper meaning might have been. I yearn for writers like that again. Older authors like Tolkien, C.S Lewis and many others did the same thing. They were a joy to read because their books held your interest and you just couldn’t stop reading.

Getting old has made me a bit more particular in my taste as far as entertainment. I want to forget about life when I read or watch a movie. Lose myself if you will in another time or place. That’s entertainment at least as far as I’m concerned. Hey, if someone has any authors they like to suggest I am all ears. Right now I am reading a series written by Kel Kade. A sword and sorcery novel that is entertaining and is holding my interest. I am welcome to suggestions though.

Anyhow I just want to be entertained. Hollywood entertainers do not interest me beyond what they offer as entertainers. Athletes play your sport of choice and shut your pie-hole concerning politics. I just don’t care or want to hear it. You are not my guide in life and you have absolutely nothing in common with me so don’t believe you can help me live a better life or view the world differently because you can’t.

One thought on “Entertainer Entitlement……….

  1. Some of the entertainers and sports figures sense of entitlement is ruining both industries! I agree I just want to be entertained not have their views jammed down my throat during acceptance speeches during award ,etc.


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