Resolutions??? No Way No How………

The end of 2017 is quickly approaching and the ad campaigns for losing weight, getting in shape and a million other healthy and helpful ideas are polluting the TV and radio. Why this time of year? Simple, everybody is making resolutions to lose weight, get in shape, blah, blah,blah……….

Resolutions are the goal for the marketers who sell diet plans, gym memberships and what-ever get-in-shape-lose-weight-fast-and-stop-smoking-now products that need to be sold to make money, so their inventors can get rich, fat and smoke expensive cigars. Cynical and skeptical? Why yes, yes I am, thanks for noticing.

I gave up making resolutions years ago. I have belonged to L.A. Fitness, Planet Fitness and probably a gym or two whose names I no longer remember. I am a very svelte 250 lbs. in a 5′ 11” body. In other words I am actually in shape, the shape just happens to be round.  I have attempted to follow several diet plans in my time but they were all failures because of a chronic medical condition I suffer from. I GET HUNGRY. When I get hungry I eat. Not much I can do about that medical condition so I don’t diet anymore. As for smoking well that I did give up. I feel bad about being a quitter but my heart and lungs seem to feel better when I’m not puffing on a fine cigar.

Resolutions might be a motivator for some but they just seemed to create unhappiness for me. The sad feeling I would get when cheating on my diet was nothing compared to the disappointment of not losing any weight when I did exercise and follow the diet I was on. That just created anger and stress. Anger, stress and sadness I don’t need in my life so I guess no resolutions has actually brought an improvement to my life and that is what they are supposed to do, right? I think at this point in my life stress would be more of a danger to my heart than food.

Resolutions are a great money-maker for enterprising entrepreneurs but I guess I just don’t feel like participating or parting with my money. It does seem odd to me how all these diet plans and what-not advertise every year and show people who have successfully used these methods to achieve the results they wanted, yet every year there are still enough customers that sign up and purchase their shot at resolving a resolution. Makes me think these plans are a lot like playing the lottery. Some-times you win some-times you don’t.  So I guess the only resolution I make every year and it seems to work for me is “I don’t make any resolutions”. I know I have a very good chance at achieving the results I desire with that mind-set.

To all of you out there who make resolutions every year, GOOD LUCK hope you achieve your goal. Let me know how you do………….

3 thoughts on “Resolutions??? No Way No How………

  1. I’m with you on this one. NO RESOLUTIONS is always my resolution. I end one year with reflection and gratitude then wish for better for the next year. That’s all we can do. I may strive for less time on social media or time spent more wisely, but those are not resolutions. Just steps to becoming a better version of myself. So cheers to no resolutions, just better versions of ourselves. Happy New Year!


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