New Year’s Eve Around the World…

I have blogged about Christmas traditions around the world so I thought I would give New Year’s Eve the same treatment.

Denmark – If you are visiting Denmark for New Years you might want to duck and I ain’t talking fowl here. Apparently the Danes save unwanted dishes and plates thru out the year just so they can celebrate New Year’s, by throwing and shattering the dishes against the doors of their family and friends homes. Most kitchen and home stores probably have super great deals on new china come January 2nd.

Ecuador – Fire rings in the New Year for Ecuadorians, scarecrows and photographs are set ablaze at midnight in the hopes that good fortune will come during the New Year. Burn Baby Burn…………………….

Spain – Good luck in the New Year is a sure thing if you can manage to stuff 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight. Spaniards believe this tradition can also help ward of witches and evil. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Philippines – Show me the money in the Philippines on New Year’s Eve. The tradition is celebrating with everything and anything that is round which represents money for the coming year.

South America – Colored underwear will bring you what you desire in the New Year. Red undies bring love, Gold brings wealth, and White signifies peace. I fear I need further instructions for this tradition. I mean does the underwear need to be new? or old? or freshly worn? Perspiring minds like mine need to know.

Japan – Buddhist monasteries ring their bells 108 times to bring cleanness in the coming year.  Wouldn’t it just be quieter to take a shower or bath?

Peru – Peruvian villages end December by having fist fights. By settling their differences in this fashion Peruvians can start the New Year with a clean slate. I’m sure many Peruvians wake up on Jan. 1st hearing a bell or two.

Switzerland – This is a strange one, the Swiss ring in the New Year by dropping ice cream on the floor. Ben and Jerry’s sell more ice cream in Switzerland on New Year’s Eve than they do the 364 days prior to Dec. 31st. If in Switzerland on New Year’s watch your step.

Puerto Rico – Throwing buckets of water out your window brings in the New Year. The instructions again are vague, just the water or the bucket and the water both? One way to keep the streets clean I guess.

Bolivia – Coins are baked into sweets such as cake and whoever finds the coin will have good luck in the coming year. My guess is they might also have need of dental work too. Probably why dentists in Bolivia also own most of the bakeries. Coincidence? I think not.

South Africa – Some parts of South Africa celebrate New Year’s Eve by throwing old furniture out windows. Look out below I guess. No wonder IKEA has more stores in Johannesburg that any other city in the world.

Siberia – Now this has to be the manly man New Year’s celebration of all time. Siberians jump into frozen lakes while carrying tree trunks!!! I guess polar plunge swimmers are wimps compared to Siberians. Personally if I lived in Siberia I don’t believe I wood participate in this celebration because I can’t swim.

Estonia – Now this tradition I like the best. Estonians eat seven times a day on New Year’s day to ensure abundance thru the New Year. Speaking of which I believe I need a snack.

Disclaimer: No traditions were harmed in the writing of this blog. Some additional comments were made up by the author in his lame attempt to bring humor to his readers. Otherwise most of the info contained here-in is truthful. Research was done on the internet so it must be true, right?

A Happy New Year to All and to All a Good Night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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