God, Family and Country……….

In my blog bio I describe myself as a common sense American who believes in God, Family and Country. Today I would like to share why I believe this is the correct order needed to live life.

I believe in God with my whole heart and soul. No co-incidental big bang theory for this old man. God created the world and that’s it!!! The universe is too orderly to have been created on a chance event. I see laws everywhere I look. The law of gravity, the laws of nature or the laws of physics. The guiding hand of God can been seen everywhere and the proof is there for everyone to see. God needs to be first in a person’s life because we owe everything we are to God. God created us, gifted us with a soul and if we believe and choose to follow His word He will help guide us in living a good life. I know I personally owe everything I am to God. He has gifted me with a wonderful life, a wonderful marriage, family and I am thankful for His guidance in my life each and every day.  It might sound corny or old-fashioned but it is what I believe and have never felt happier in my life. I have been a doubter and an agnostic at various times of in my life journey but I finally came to the realization that God exists a few years ago and my life has improved with that realization. So yes, for me since everything I am I owe to God, God is number one in this man’s life.

Family is the building block of society. Strong families form strong societies. When families believe in God they are even stronger and society prospers. When families are not strong or have shattered belief systems those families and society suffer. One of my regrets in life is the fact that I was not a practicing Christian thru much of my children’s formative years. Oh I knew right from wrong because my parents did a great job making sure I had a functioning conscience and because of that I did my best to make sure my children also knew right from wrong. There just wasn’t a special connection to God and Scriptures thru much of their lives. Parenting in today’s society has many challenges especially if your children attend public schools.  My wife and  I urged our children to question everything they learned as much as possible and to also always stand up for themselves when required. I guess in hind-sight my wife and I have done a fairly good job raising our children since they are all out on their own and leading good lives as well as raising children of their own. You can’t change the past and dwelling on past mistakes is a habit I unfortunately battle from time to time. Over-all I thank God my children have become responsible adults.

Third on my list is Country. I am not afraid to admit I love my country. It provides freedom to lead the best life I can and freedom to express opinions and practice my religious beliefs as I see fit. There are many freedoms America provides other than the ones I mentioned but those freedoms are nearest and dearest to my heart and mind. I guess that is why I get angry when I see people who are citizens show nothing but contempt and hatred for America. There is a large segment of our population who condemn and blame America for many problems here and abroad.  These people believe freedom of speech is hate speech, practicing your religion is wrong and divisive, and they also feel  many of our freedoms should be revoked. Sorry folks I believe you have a right to say those beliefs even if they are in opposition to my views however, when you attempt to change or limit my freedoms you are in for quite a tussle. America was actually created in defiance of people like you so you’re tyrannical beliefs have no place in America especially if you seek to impose your will thru governmental means. In case you so-called progressive believers hadn’t noticed, your ideas were rejected in our last Presidential election. I suggest you stop your whining and crying and get on board  with uniting our country again and doing what is best for everyone not just certain groups but all our citizens.

In summary, I am very passionate about my God, my Family and my Country. I love all three with unshakable faith. I will defend my faith in all three with all my might. I am a proud and happy Christian. I am a proud and happy family man. I am a proud and happy American. If that offends someone, well that’s just too bad.

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