Quick Thoughts……

1- Colin Kaepernick the new face of racial oppression is apparently selling his 3 million dollar mansion in California. WOW, oppression has certainly changed over the years. For 3 million dollars I wouldn’t mind being oppressed.

2- Politicians and their misinformed supporters are clamoring for more gun laws after the Las Vegas tragedy, makes one think they never heard of Chicago, Illinois.  Chicago has experienced approximately 3,000 people shot and wounded with about another 500 shot to death. I am curious how this could be possible in a city that already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Coincidence, I somehow think not.

3- To everyone protesting the NFL and their disgusting protest against our flag, country and their former fans I have a suggestion. Instead of burning the NFL merchandise you spent hard earned money for, think about donating that merchandise to a charitable organization that helps kids. Maybe that jersey or hat could bring a smile to a child. A friend of mine on Facebook posted that idea a while back and I thought it was excellent enough to pass on.

4- I am praying for the folks in California who are losing their homes to wildfires. Can’t help but wonder if environmental laws out there are at least partly to blame. I remember years ago when wildfires were rampant in the West a Fire Department Chief in a California town was fired because he explained the increase in wildfire severity was due to environmental laws forbidding Fire Departments from digging fire breaks in wilderness areas. These firebreaks helped contained fires in the past but without them more areas were suffering more severe fires. If true it’s just another example of how Government intervention hurts more than it helps.

5- I guess even Professor’s in major colleges can be idiots. Penn State-Brandywine Professor Angela Putman recently asserted that “hard work leading to success” was a racist concept. Since she is a person of color, I guess she must have acquired her position thru affirmative action or some other racial quota system and not by her merits and accomplishments. Nice to know she was hired ‘fairly’.

6- Speaking of racial discrimination, if America is nearly as racist as some misinformed race baiters believe, how do they explain the fact Barry Soetoro was elected twice. Are they admitting he was elected due to cheating or by a somehow rigged election process?

7- The anything but peaceful group Antifa is apparently planning a Civil War to overthrow our Government on November 4th. They are planning to conduct and facilitate violent protests in a number of major cities throughout the country. I am lucky to be living in a largely rural area where these Antifa thugs are not prevalent. If you live in a major city like Philadelphia perhaps, stock up on ammo or make use of anything that can protect you or your family from these commie thugs. If violence is really what they want, don’t be a victim fight and stay safe.

8- Just a thought but what is it with Leftist protesters? During the Vietnam Era criminals like Bill Ayers (the previous President’s best friend by the way) planted bombs and killed and injured people in the name of protesting for peace and in support of anarchy. Even during the more recent war in Iraq a military recruiting center or 2 was bombed. How did protesting for peace become a violent action with the support of progressive politicians? War and violence to promote peace? I thought these idiots believed that violence never solved anything?

9- Kudos to Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, he recently revealed that he is leading other Republicans in an effort to thwart any plans President Trump might have of actually completing the agenda he was elected to fulfill. I say kudos because Corker is the type of politician that has plagued this country for too long.  He votes for special interests and his own interests instead of doing what the voter’s who elected him want him to do. He is a prototypical politician who wants to rule the people instead of working for them.  Thank You for your honesty you weasel, hopefully voters will notice and throw your disgusting butt out of office.

10- A North Korean news agency (sorry, that’s right they only have one channel spouting propaganda) has announced that the CIA has failed in an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong-un. Now this is the same news agency that reports on North Korea’s gold medal domination at the Olympics, follows Dennis Rodman on his tours with his good friend Kim and starts every broadcast with “Your Attention Preeeece”. Yeah in other words NOKO’s news media is just as fair and honest as our CNN, FOX or PMSNBC.







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