Progressive Hypocrisy!!!

Happy Columbus Day…..Yeah I know some misguided individuals want to call this Indigenous People’s Day or Tonto’s Independence Day or whatever, but if it were not for Chris Columbus we all probably wouldn’t be here. So I salute Chris and his crew for sailing the big pond and finding the land we call America.

OK, lots of talk and opinions flying across the airwaves and the internet concerning a variety of subjects and as usual the so called Progressives in our country are showing how hypocritical they really are. For instance, Diane Fienstein is calling for more gun laws in the aftermath of the tragedy in Las Vegas even though she herself admitted that no gun laws would have prevented the massacre that took place in Nevada. That brief moment of common sense isn’t stopping her from using a tragedy to seek re-election and spout her unconstitutional rants concerning gun control.

Many other politicians are calling for more gun legislation aimed at causing law abiding citizens grief and making life more difficult for citizens to defend themselves when necessary. With the rise of such home grown terror groups such as Black Lives Matter & Antifa whose presence is mercifully confined to major cities, now more than ever law abiding citizens need to protect themselves and their families if they believe in freedom of speech or  hold views counter to the rants and anger of the so called ‘progressive’ left.

How about those ‘brave’ leaders in California declaring themselves a Sanctuary State  and telling illegal immigrants they are welcome. I strongly support California in this blatant protest against lawfully enforcing our immigration laws. I will also strongly support any of the other 49 states who may want to track down and capture illegal invaders in their states and send them to California where they will be welcomed with open arms and open wallets. Sending these criminals out West has to be cheaper than detaining and housing them in jail so the cost benefits are a great idea. Thank You California, you have proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that having a former hippy as your Governor is the worst idea in a long line of ideas and fads that have come from the left coast. Governor Moonbeam is a laughing stock to the rest of the country and you Californian’s are sure enough providing another great reason for President Trump to be re-elected.

Speaking of California, there is a group advocating that California secede from the United States and form their own independent country. Secede and take all this nations illegal immigrants with you. See how long you last on your own. Funny and ironic since I remember when President Soetoro (yes I know he prefers to be called Barack but I refuse to acknowledge that my country willingly elected a Mohammedan president), reprimanded Texas for daring to consider seceding because of the Federal Government  NOT ENFORCING immigration laws. The progressives and their leader Mr. Soetoro claimed the Federal Government had the right to dictate what states could and couldn’t do and that individual states had no right to defy the Federal Government. Funny how things change.

The above are just a few examples of how Progressives show their hypocritical side and also shows how deranged and anti-American they really are. The constitutional right to bear arms is one of the few rights that God fearing, law abiding citizens have available to them in preventing progressives from openly using our government to tyrannically enforce their policies. Their policies with regard to illegal immigration will bankrupt America and cause even more hardship on citizens who work hard to support their families and also support the wasteful spending our rulers in Washington impose on us. While these politicians have armed security to keep the ‘commoners’ away from them, they expect us to passively give up our rights  and trust in their judgement concerning what is best for us and our personal safety . I urge anyone who wants this country to stay free to say NO to Washington liberals and anyone who believes we need to relinquish any of the Rights we are guaranteed by GOD in our Constitution.  The Left in this country urges citizens to RESIST the current President and the platform he ran on, I say the President’s voters need to RESIST the LEFT and any of their minions who would have us bowing and worshiping at the altar of Liberalism and Progressiveness.

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