Slow Progress…….

The media recently announced that President Trump has withdrawn America’s membership from UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. Kudos to the President for this move. UNESCO has been anti-Israel since allowing Palestine to become a member and unlike our previous President, President Trump will not tolerate a United Nations group that does not support our ally Israel. Now, if only Trump would go further and withdraw the United States from the United Nations I would be one happy voter. The UN is corrupt and useless and no longer serves any purpose in today’s world.

So-called Senate leader Mitch McConnell is coming under fire lately, his approval ratings are in single digits and a few Republicans are beginning to question whether it’s time for Mitch to step down. Mitch made quite a few promises when he ran for re-election and has kept none of them. The Affordable Care Act still curses this nation, the debt ceiling has been raised once again and he has shown no support for the President or the voters who elected President Trump to actually do what he promised. The Republicans have a great opportunity to turn our country back from the socialist dictatorship that Barry Soetoro created. If the current Republican leadership of McConnell and Ryan can’t deliver, then they should get the hell out of the way and take their like minded followers with them. The decent citizens of this country deserve better and one way or another change will happen. Better the change comes voluntarily than by other means.

I sure am glad my children are grown adults with lives of their own to lead. When I had the youngsters at home the girls were in Girl Scouts and the boys in Boy Scouts. I know times are changing but come on now, the Boy Scouts have announced that they will accept girls as members in the name of ‘inclusiveness’ and the Girl Scouts are rather upset by the decision. Since I believe the Boy Scouts objective is to turn boys into honorable men I guess their mission statement will have to change to accommodate the new female members.  With Girl Scouts membership rates dropping I can see why they aren’t happy about this decision. Alas I fear both of these traditional groups are well on their way to extinction.

I haven’t seen any congratulatory Thank You’s from PETA aimed at President Trump yet but I believe animal lovers especially bird lovers should thank the President for repealing the 30 year pass the wind farm industry had for killing protected species of eagles and other fowl with their turbine windmills. Thousands of birds are killed every year by the wind turbine industry and now the windmill energy producers will have to suffer the consequences of their actions. By the way, the ban was green-lit by the previous President,  so much for the bogus narrative that points to Republicans as poor care-takers for the environment.

Along with several Executive Orders rescinding sections of the wrongly named Affordable Care Act and also calling Iran out for not following the horrible agreement our previous President entered into with his Mohammedan friends, Trump has had quite a week for accomplishing his agenda. Slowly but surely you can at least see that President Trump is attempting to fulfill his campaign promises even without the help of the traitorous Republican party.





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