Here We Go Again !!!

Over the weekend several NFL teams chose to protest the American Flag and Anthem because President Trump dared to share an opinion related to their disrespectful protest antics. On Facebook I read a post comparing the NFL protesting players to Rosa Parks. Really??? Rosa Parks stood up for an individuals right to sit where ever they wanted on a public bus and as an example that an individual’s freedoms and rights were endowed by a higher authority than the human who segregated the seating arrangements. These NFL players are pampered millionaires who feel they have a right that many Americans do not have, namely to protest and disrespect the country and people who helped make them millionaires while they are in their workplace. Rosa Parks wasn’t at her place of employment when she took her courageous stand and I am sure she was not a rich person who took for granted her circumstances. Comparing these brats to a true civil rights leader is just plain wrong.

Why is anyone who feels these players are disrespectful singled out as racists? Have we really come to a time in history when free speech only matters if it is used by certain people and not everyone. If I choose to protest for a cause I supported on my own time then my employer would have no say in whether I was right or wrong in my views because whatever I chose to do did not have an effect on my job performance or how customers viewed me and therefore viewed my employer. The NFL owners by and large are allowing these players to protest in the workplace and if they would open their eyes would see that fans are becoming quickly disengaged in the entertainment product called professional football. Stadiums have fewer fans in the seats and TV networks are noticing a drop in ratings. Comments on Yahoo, Google and other sites are largely negative to these protests and yet they are allowed to continue. No one is saying these players cannot express their opinions and protest, fans by and large would prefer they do their political protests on their own time just like a majority of Americans are required to do. Not too much to ask in my humble opinion.

America is a great country but has lost it’s way politically and morally. We have allowed our politician’s to divide and basically conquer us while they live in the lap of luxury and enrich themselves on our hard earned money thru taxes, fees and other legal thievery. As long as we stand divided along racial lines, stay stuck in the trenches of class warfare and keep re-electing representatives who act more like rulers than representatives, we will never know true equality and freedom. Today’s citizen regardless of skin color or nationality are all equal in one thing, we are slaves to our government. We either depend on the money government gives us to lead our lives or we work and turn a huge portion of our earnings over to that government to fund items we wouldn’t even consider wasting money on. Yet here we are fighting and arguing with each other while politicians  get fat and happy by causing our angst and divisions to grow, all the while keeping us from uniting and fighting the real enemy to us all, namely the Federal Government.  Sad times indeed are upon us.


One thought on “Here We Go Again !!!

  1. Until Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public votes out every incumbent in office I don’t see any changes to our current form of government.

    Just my opinion.


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