Sad and Ashamed !!!

I am feeling sad and ashamed today. After much thought and contemplation I removed the Washington Redskins flag from my yard not because I was finally convinced the name was offensive, but because the National Football League has become offensive. For 33 years I was a Redskins fan win or lose. Before that I supported the Philadelphia Eagles because that was the city of my birth. Football has brought many enjoyable moments and I have appreciated the suspense and drama it has provided over the years. But lately, well the drama isn’t so much on the field during the game as it is off the field. Players are appearing in the news for murder, spousal abuse, fathering numerous children out-of-wedlock and most consistantly for substance abuse. The greater the financial rewards the game has to offer for players the greater the temptation to be a despicable human  being increases I guess.

The so-called unity showed by open displays of disrespect for our flag and our country over the weekend were a turning for me and many other fans. When millionaires and billionaires openly display disrespect and contempt for our President and country I am done. I know the media loves this display by players and owners but they are a corrupt bunch of elitists who only care about their liberal agendas. Openly protesting in any work place environment is not appropriate. It causes division and anger among your customers. Look no further than You-tube where fans are burning team apparel. The comments sections are filled with angry fans upset with these displays of open disrespect. Yet they continue because the players and owners have always been treated as above the mere mortals who support and view the game. Well the mere mortals have spoken and they are not amused. TV ratings are down, attendance is down and interest is waning. Heck the Pittsburgh Steelers’ coach showed his racist and ignorant attitude when he was upset that one player on his team, a military veteran no less, had chosen to stand for our National Anthem while this idiot coach and the rest of the team  chose to stay in the locker room. Not exactly an open display for freedom of speech by Coach Tomlin. I and a large group of fans are done with the NFL and their lame excuses for why they are protesting. The explanations have been heard and rejected by people who love this country and support their President.

OK , that covers the sad portion of this post. Now for the reason I feel ashamed. Several years ago when Tim Tebow was a member of the NFL I stood by and let criticism of his so-called Christian antics on the field go by without comment or criticism. As a Christian I now feel ashamed I did not take a stand and support his free expression of Christianity. Seeing these rich, pampered brats feel that their disrespect is courageous has made me feel sad I let a real good human being down with no support for his beliefs. Shame on me.

One thought on “Sad and Ashamed !!!

  1. I totally agree with this blog. I would like to take it one step furthet though. Roger Goodell had the power all a long to nip this right away if had just enforced his very own rules and regulations but here again it was a liberal being a liberal and choosing to enforce only the rules he felt like. We are a nation of laws and when we pick and choose it gets us in trouble.


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