Rumbling, Stumbling, Fumbling Thoughts

1- So sports/entertainment have crossed paths with politics once again. The NBA Champion Warriors will not go to the White House because President Trump is mean or white or whatever these spoiled brats see as offensive in today’s world. Well so be it, President Trump rescinded the invite and now the whole NBA is showing what a racist organization it really is. The NFL has chimed in also when President Trump opinionated that protesting players should be fired. Our President is absolutely correct, politics in the work place causes division and affects customer service adversely. Like it or not these millionaire players are at their workplace when they are in an arena or stadium. The protesting, racism and disrespect to the country that made them rich is divisive and turns off the customer base. The owners should not let these malcontents affect their bottom line but alas, I think they will. I have now chosen my side in these discussions, no more NBA or NFL for me. I will choose other less political entertainment to view and support. It was fun guys but you have ruined the sport for me in each of these leagues.

2- The United Nations this week hosted several speakers including our President and I was struck by the fact that CNN didn’t even let President Trump finish his speech before they started their anti-Trump tirade which is all the news they do anymore. My goodness at least let the man finish before you criticize him. I guess civility is no longer practiced or taught in journalist circles.

3- Speaking of the UN, why do so called nation states that are proven to be oppressive and brutal have any representation in this organization. North Korea for instance is under the influence of an insane megalomaniac and still has representation in New York. Actually there are a rather large group of terrorist supporting countries allowed into this club. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and others who along with oil export terror and murder. If the UN wants to be taken seriously they really need to consider their membership rules and how they can oust countries who are inherently evil. Then again there probably wouldn’t be any members or any reason to continue the UN for that matter. I have come to believe that the United Nations is a fairly pathetic, useless organization that the world no longer needs or wants.

4- Iran and North Korea just seem to love having their military parade about showing off the shiny weapons and troops all dressed up for a parade. One thought I have is, what is the point of all the skipping and high stepping that goes on? The NOKO army looks like they are skipping down the Yellow Brick road while the Iranian’s look like they are trying out for the Rockettes. If this is supposed to put fear into their enemies I think both countries may need new choreographers.

5- I was watching the BBC news and was struck by the fact that ISIS seems to be in love with their Toyota trucks. How in the wide,wide world of sports do these terror organizations acquire hundreds of Toyota vehicles for their troops? Also, how do these groups get cell service? Heck I live in America and sometimes have dropped calls while driving down country roads. These terrorists are in battle zones and still get cell service to take selfies and pictures of their Toyota trucks. How’s that possible?

6- I know of a healthcare organization or two that are advertising the ability to see your Doctor over the computer without actually going to the office. Okay, sounds interesting, probably convenient but if the future of Healthcare is personalized service isn’t this a bit impersonal. How the heck can problems be addressed though a computer monitor  instead of face to face. What’s next drive-thru physicals, write your own prescriptions, or mail-in sperm donation?

7- Equifax was recently hacked and much information that should have been private was captured by hackers and probably identity thieves.  No data anywhere is safe anymore, heck people hack into World of Warcraft accounts, Facebook accounts almost anything that contains information on the internet is at risk. What a shame that technology meant to enhance and aid our lives can also be used to cause people frustration and problems.

8- Went thru a drive thru the other day for a quick cup of coffee and the person taking my money was one of those transgender people that are in the news from time to time. He or she provides good customer service at this Scottish named restaurant with a clown mascot, I didn’t want to name names. Well I happened to remark that he had gorgeous nails. Looked like a French manicure with long tips and probably couldn’t have be easy to do on his own or cheap in a nail salon. I think my exact words were “nice nails dude”. The look I received was pure hatred, sheesh take a compliment will ya? Acceptance means being treated normally like everyone else, so no matter what he thought my comment was supposed to mean a Thank You would have sufficed.

That’s all folks………………………………………..





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