Alternate History……………

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Currently I am reading a book written by G.T. Almasi that is a combination of Science Fiction, Alternate History and full of action. The main character is a woman spy who makes Rambo look like a conscientious objector. If this type of book fits your version of a fun read it is called the Shadow-Storm series.

Anyway the book got me thinking about history and how the world might be different right now, if certain historical events had turned out differently. For instance in the book I’m reading, Germany won WWII and to make peace with the rest of the world German Officers and politicians had Hitler assassinated. Germany controls Europe and the Middle East. Interesting how different the world would be if that were true.

One thought I had, what if Hillary had married O.J. Simpson instead of Bill. Would O.J. have been President? Or

would Bernie Sanders now be in the White House? Fun to speculate isn’t it?

How about the Civil War? Supposed the South had won. South America would be anything South of the Mason-Dixon line. I always thought it might be cool to participate in a Civil War re-enactment since Gettysburg is close to where I live. If by chance I played a Southern soldier I would try to convince my fellow actors to do something different, like win the battle of Gettysburg for a change. All that losing has to be annoying. What the heck, the tourists would have a memorable time with that I’m sure. Anyway, I wandered off there, sorry.

If Lenin or Marx were killed would Russia have remained a monarchy? Would France still be a monarchy if the French Revolution never took place? If Jesus would have come to us before the Jewish or Islamic religions were created would the world now be 100% Christian?

So many scenarios, so many questions. History can be a valuable teaching tool for those of us living in the present. Too many times it seems, people want to re-write history or place today’s rules and changes on the past to make the past seem evil and not worthy of study. I think these folks are being very short-sighted. History is full of victories, defeats, horrible crimes and wonderful times. In short, history is what it is because we in the present cannot change the past. We cannot presume to rethink and rewrite history because we feel an era or decision from the past was wrong or done for the wrong reasons. Right or wrong, good or bad our past is what it is. A guide for us to help us avoid past mistakes. An owner’s manual for living a better future. I urge you to embrace and study history intently. Blemishes and all, it really is a collection of great stories that happen to be true.

Just my humble opinion. Thanks for reading. Hey if any interesting alternate history thoughts enter your mind feel free to share.

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