How To Avoid Lead Poisoning…………………….

Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyway, I thought it was funny. Sometimes it ain’t easy being me………

The picture doesn’t have much to do with today’s blog but I posted it anyway because I thought it was funny, and of course this here is my blog and I’ll post what I want to.

Now onto a rather serious topic. How to avoid getting lead poisoning, and by lead poisoning I mean shot. To be even more specific, shot DEAD:

1- Don’t Commit Suicide.  Seems like a no brainer but according to the CDC or Suicide Prevention not sure which group 63% of suicides are committed with the use of a fire-arm. Don’t do it!!! Seek help.

2- Don’t Engage in Road Rage. You might not find out until it is too late that the idiot who just cut you off on the highway is actually armed and dangerous. The lesser of two evils here would be, it’s OK to picture that moron with his head separated from his body but don’t attempt to actually do that to him/her. You will live to decapitate another day and that can’t be all bad.

3- Do Not Join a Gang. Seems like common sense. Gang members usually end up in jail or in a cemetery. Neither place has 5 star accommodations or discounts with your AAA or AARP membership.

4- Do Not Buy or Sell Drugs. OK, seems reasonable. Drug dealers and gun violence do seem to go together like Charlie Sheen and Meth. Don’t do drugs or buy drugs from undocumented pharmacists and you just might not get shot.

5- Stay Away From Gun Free Zones: Sad to say 98% of mass shootings take place in gun free zones. Imagine that, crazy people with guns don’t respect gun free zones. Also avoid any establishment that forbids patrons to have a gun even though they have a carry permit. Businesses who do not support the 2nd amendment are as useless as gun-free zones..

6- Do Not Associate With Criminals. Remember the old black & white movie about the St. Valentine’s Day massacre? No? Well look it up anyway. Seems like several victims of that massacre were not actual gangsters but people who thought it would be cool to hang around gangsters. OOPS, cool maybe, dangerous, you betcha.

Look, in today’s world we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones by being vigilant. Common sense is the best deterrent you can have. If a situation doesn’t feel right, get out of there. If someone looks and acts like a thug, avoid them. I would rather have them angry at me for hurting their feelings than be injured or killed because I didn’t listen to my inner voice when it warned me something wasn’t quite right. If you see a gun as a tool and have common sense learn how to use it and if your confident enough, get a carry permit. Don’t carry it looking for a fight, carry the gun as a deterrent in case you find yourself in a SHTF situation. I take gun safety seriously, I take protecting myself and my family seriously. Everyone should. Be safe my friends.

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