Sunday Suppositions…………..

Yesterday I briefly touched on the subject of privilege. All too often I see articles and opinions written about privilege being a bad thing that leads to inequality and division. I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion so I would like to share mine on the subject of privilege and why I feel people are in error for describing privilege as something evil.

I believe we are all individuals created by God. How we use our individual talents and gifts as we grow and mature is really a matter of free choice on our part. That freedom of choice is also a gift from God and we should exercise caution when using that gift. Our society is unfortunately obsessed with labels. Warning labels urging caution against such things as eating detergent pods or not using plastic grocery store bags as toys used to be covered quite nicely by something called ‘common sense’. Somewhere along the way someone decided stupid people needed to be warned about doing certain stupid things and well, the warning label was born. Politics and politicians decided to use labels to govern. Never mind that dividing people according to race, creed and whatever else can lead to hatred and division, our rulers in Washington decided this was their path to power and unfortunately society has embraced and accepted these labels lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Now we have rampant racism because people can be racist and not even know it, gender fluidity is preached and condoned even though there are only two genders, we have bias against people who did not choose to attend college (uneducated), bias against people who believe a country needs strong borders to remain a country (nationalist), bias against people who exercise their right of freedom of speech (hate speech) and well you get the idea. Labels are also ironic in that the people who embrace them are usually fond of telling other people how intolerant they are all the while practicing intolerance themselves by labelling people who disagree with them as deplorable or bitter clingers, or other labels designed to attack and misrepresent the opposition. Sad when a country based on freedom has citizens who willingly and knowingly attack other citizens for using those freedoms. If this is the more enlightened version of America that some believe it is then I for one refuse to accept and condone that version.

Christian privilege has been cited as the cause of homophobia, Islamophbia and probably a few other phobias I haven’t heard of, nor probably want to know about. Yes I believe in God, I accept Jesus as my Savior and I try as hard as I can to live my life according to the Christian values I believe in. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot but I keep trying and although I know perfection is unattainable I at least hope I will be good enough to one day achieve Heaven. So I guess I am very happy and feel privileged to be a Christian. While I may feel guilty from time to time concerning decisions I made in life, being a Christian and choosing to believe in God is a cause of celebration and happiness for me and definitely not something I feel guilty about.

White privilege is also a topic in today’s modern society. I was born white. Not much I can do about that so frankly I refuse to feel guilty or angry about my whiteness. I know I was happy growing up because I had two wonderful parents who helped instill a sense or right and wrong in their son and their guidance has helped me thru many situations in life. It was a privilege being their son. I judge people by their character and I expect the same respect in return. I resist and judge anyone who calls me a racist for my behavior in this regard as being an idiot and the true racist for embracing rhetoric that attacks someone based purely on their skin color.

I have said it before and I guess I will repeat it now, WE NEED TO UNITE, RESIST AND OPPOSE the politics and governing by labels and division. A people united can change government and society into a better version of itself. We need that more than ever in our current segregated and divided society. United we stand and divided we fall. Politicians want us divided so we will fall and call on them to provide them with the power to re-make America in their image and not the image of our founders. Unite to keep what little freedoms we still have and fight to regain the freedoms we have unfortunately already lost or sadly in some cases given away. I am calling out the Senate, Congress, Media, Entertainment Industry and even local politicians for being populated by a majority of greedy, power-hungry rulers rather than representatives for the people who elected them. There is a very small minority in all these groups that still believe in America’s uniqueness as a free country. These are the people we need to help America be unique again. Look for and support the people in these areas who exhibit good character and good values. For every racist/commie like Colin Kapernick there is a Christian/values Tim Tebow. For every racist/socialist President like Obama there is an America loving Donald Trump. Good and evil is a judgement call, the evidence is out there so choose wisely.

Comments welcome and encouraged, my opinions are based on what I have learned, experienced, believe and think. See you soon…………………………….


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