No Scheme of Man………

“No power of Hell, No Scheme of Man” from the hymn IN CHRIST ALONE

When I attended church Sunday we sang the hymn “In Christ Alone” and for some reason the line above stuck with me throughout the rest of the day. I have often blogged concerning what I observe as problems and challenges currently facing America and especially Christian Americans in today’s secular society. Allow me to elaborate further because I believe I am seeing a very evil plan causing these problems and challenges. As a matter of fact thinking about this idea caused me to read a transcript of Paul Harvey’s radio segment “If I Were the Devil” which was done many decades ago. I have included a link for anyone who may not have heard or read Mr. Harvey’s message. Despite the decades that have passed since its broadcast, it’s message is still very pertinent and timely.

Currently there is continued debate in America concerning gun rights and after several school shootings the media and certain politicians are using children to spread their  propaganda concerning the right to bear arms and why in their view that right should be repealed. They offer concerns regarding the safety of children being a paramount duty of every citizen. Very ironic that a majority of these same people support and advocate abortion on demand. So if I am understanding this correctly, killing unborn children is OK but children already born need protection. Seems to me these folks have some faulty logic going on there. All children need protection. It has been decades since abortion has been declared a legal ‘right’. Do the supporters of this genocide really believe this heinous practice hasn’t led to society marginalizing the worth of human life. Do they really believe that protecting children in school is more important than protecting innocent babies whose only crime is being conceived but possibly never born. Sounds like the devil is in the details and probably many of these misguided people’s minds.

America has always been melting pot for immigrants from other countries who wished to better themselves by becoming Americans. My grand-parents accomplished this and as a result I was blessed to be born as an American citizen. Now we have politicians who have decided that immigration laws don’t need to be enforced. Illegals who cross our borders and break our laws are not only receiving benefits that some real citizens don’t receive, these politicians protect these illegals even after they commit crimes.  This marginalizes the immigrants who want to come to America and follow the rules and laws to do so. Why reward criminals with amnesty when many immigrants who want to become citizens and assimilate into American society are kept waiting? Wait, I think I know. These politicians need more voters because the declining birth rates due to legal abortion are thinning the voting pool. Meanwhile these politicians with a few suggestions from the devil overwhelm American resources all in the hunt for votes.

We have taken God from schools in the name of separation of church and state, we allow people to use any restroom they wish solely because they are allegedly confused about their gender identity and we accuse white people of racism solely based on the color of their skin (ironic to the extreme) . A vocal segment of our population wants history erased by crying to have statues and monuments removed from public view. That historical censorship not only extends to Civil War monuments but also includes anything to do with the founders of our Republic, the 10 Commandments and even recently a statue in the mid-west that celebrates Gandhi and his life as a protester. Seems at some point in life Gandhi called a black person a ‘kaffir’ which is akin to using the N-word. Gandhi has therefore been judged a racist undeserving of a monument. The devil and anarchists everywhere are hard at work destroying the greatest country on Earth. These people marginilize and demean the family, traditions, history and people.

I am thankful I have been on this planet for as long as I have. It has enabled me to see exactly how misguided plans can lead to consequences. I used to think those consequences were unintended but the older I get I am now convinced those consequences were intended and are currently celebrated by those who would see themselves as more enlightened and worthy than the teeming masses they wish to rule. If America falls the last great empire on Earth falls with it. Utopia is not attainable and the world will be truly equal. Equal in the aspect that the very rich will still be in luxury while the regular citizens fight to have even a meager existence.  As I have written before, America is unique. We need to make that uniqueness special again. If you’re a Christian then we are fighting the devil as well as the plans of evil men. If you are not Christian you are still in a battle against evil men who would destroy your way of life to empower and enrich themselves. Either way the fight is on for America’s soul. Pray the right side wins.

I for one as a Christian will not allow the ‘power of hell or the schemes of man’ to tempt me into a false sense of security. Stay vigilant my friends.






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