Random Thoughts……….

I work for an allegedly non-profit healthcare group and recently decided to complete some on-line training dealing with gender sensitivity. The training is apparently required by the Federal Government and like most government directives makes absolutely no sense at all. The most memorable lesson for me concerned discrimination against confused gender people. The example given was a man who identifies as a woman cannot be turned down for medical treatment or testing because of his gender identity. Therefore if a man thinks he is a woman and would like a pap smear, well then he gets a pap smear…..WHOA NELLIE!!! That’s gotta HURT!!! Ironically further training states that scheduling patients for unneeded tests and treatments is unethical. Wait a minute, sounds like a conundrum to me. If I can’t deny an unnecessary test to a crazy gender person because of their delusion how can I be ethical too? Sounds like another needlessly complicated government rule to me. There are 2 genders people, male and female. Anything else is just crazy.

So called ‘dreamers’, basically illegal immigrants who wish to be rewarded with citizenship for breaking the law are threatening to leave America. They feel that the government isn’t doing enough to reward them for breaking our laws and now they feel rejected. Ah too bad……Good riddence, leave, hasta la vista baby, …Unfortunately for America this ‘threat’ is probably as empty as all the threats made by entertainers to leave America if Trump was elected. Last time I checked no entertainers had been arrested for sneaking into Canada or Mexico.

The Olympics are starting and from my point of view ‘so what’. I stopped paying attention to the Olympics decades ago for several reasons. Reason one, pro players participating in basketball, hockey etc.etc. just made the thrill of competition less thrilling and less competitive. Reason two, I realized some years back that the vast majority of Olympic athletes are nothing more than rich kids who make the Olympics a career. I remember a personal interest story back in the 1980s concerning an Olympic skater. The story showed video of this ‘typical’ teenager as she attended high school and practice. Great human interest story by some director. Except whoever planned the story should not have described this young woman as a typical teenager. She did attend high school in Beverly Hills and drove there in her new corvette. The story also stated how much sacrifice of time and money she and her parents spent with practice times, coaching, equipment etc.etc.etc. The only way a typical teenager in my neighborhood would be driving a corvette to school would be because he stole it. Olympics? Not in my hood, chances are you were working the drive thru or doing some other menial task for money to save for college. You certainly weren’t paying for coaching or equipment. Olympics are nothing more than a money scam. So frankly to Lindsey Vonn and any other anti_America athelete, I really don’t care about you or your political views.

I remember seeing a twitter post about gluten being so vilified in California that it was possible to rob a health food store armed with nothing but a bagel. Now as a public service to druggies in California the state government is issuing warnings that recent toxicology tests show there is varying amounts of gluten in meth. The report states this gluten may be hazardous to meth users who are on gluten-free diets. Wonder how long it will take California’s Governor Moon-Beam to pass a law requiring drug pushers to label meth with glutton warnings. Come on you know that idiot has to at least be thinking about it.










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