Talking To My Best Friend, Me………

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t talk to myself. People have told me it’s weird to do it but I always felt comfortable with it and never stopped. Recently I found out there are actually benefits to talking to yourself and I guess that means I might not be weird after-all. OK, I probably am weird but it isn’t from talking to myself.

Being a member of the male species, I have always been easily amused. Apparently when ever I may have given myself a kudo or even a thank you for doing something that made me happy I was being good to myself. According to The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, showing yourself some appreciation is actually a good way to get thru your day. I feel better now knowing that fist pump I gave myself for killing that last zombie while playing Resident Evil or hitting a walk-off homer in computer baseball was a good thing. YEAH for me.

I have often found myself giving myself a pep talk especially when trying something new or outside my usual comfort zone. As a matter of fact when I was contemplating becoming a blogger I told myself “you can do this, you should do this”. Now look at me, blogging like a mad-man. So pep talking yourself is actually a good motivational tool. Who’d a thunk it?

I hate debates. I always found them BORING whether as a participant or watching a political debate on TV. When faced with tough decisions, debating with your best friend (YOU) can help you decide which choice might be best. Seems reasonable since I believe that no-one knows me as well as, well me. I almost always have my best interests in mind when I talk to me.

Stress relief is another benefit of talking to yourself. As an old codger I find little things tend to annoy me and talking to myself convinces me to have patience and let the annoying issue go. I also growl and cuss myself when I make a mistake especially a real no brainer like maybe forgetting my pin number while at an ATM machine or a password when logging in to my PC. Now…..where was I? Grrrrrrrr………

Talking to yourself is also supposed to help you with self-awareness. Talking to you means your tapping into your subconscious and communicating with your inner self. No wonder I feel so deep and philosophical when I talk to myself.

Like a good number of people I sometimes struggle when I need to engage in difficult conversions. I hate job interviews because I am not a good salesman, not even when I need to sell myself and my abilities to a prospective employer. Rehearsing these difficult conversations to yourself maybe even in front of a mirror can help a person feel more comfortable when the real thing occurs.

The next benefit I haven’t thought about but am game to try, is a possible method for improving memory. Research has allegedly found that if you say out loud the location  where you place an object it will help you remember where you left that object. I have to try this one out, whenever I have a few too many beers I sometimes forget where I left my drink. Apparently if I remember to say out loud where I left my frosted mug I no longer have to think I drank too much because I will know where the mug is. News I can use.

Having a monologue or in my case a dialogue can also help with a person’s stress and anxiety levels. Working issues thru with your better inner half can prevent someone from getting angry enough to explode and do something potentially embarrassing, criminal or even You Tube view-able.

Finally talking to you best friend (YOU) can also help with concentration and attention span. I had a language teacher who once told me I have the attention span of a wet fart so anything that will help me in that regard I am all in. Concentration especially since I turned 60 has been a challenge although I don’t know for sure if that might be because I bore easily or just lose my train of thought. Guess I got to have a talk with me to figure that out.

Anyway, hope some of these tips can help a reader or two out there. Right now me and me are thirsty and need to share a beer. You all come back now, hear?



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