Tuesday Thoughts………

Tax cuts in America have passed and will ease the burden of high taxation for a vast majority of people and companies in the U.S. If you listen to the media or some politicians however you would think the world as we know it is about to end. One politician in particular struck me as especially stupid and is a prime example of why I despise our political representatives. Bernie ‘Mr. Socialism’ Sanders described the tax cut: “as nothing more than a plan to steal the government’s money”….. Government’s money? Hey Bernie what exactly did the government produce that created that money? What government program created that wealth? Hello???? I’m waiting for an answer. Silence from Bernie and his fellow Democrats because that government wealth was created by penalizing hard-working Americans thru taxation. That government wealth is in fact the AMERICAN CITIZEN’S money. Government for the people and by the people. Unfortunately too many politicians like Bernie feel taxes are their money and their’s alone. Sad that a crack-pot like Bernie can call himself a representative of the people.

Palm Springs California has identified racist trees. That’s right now it appears Mother Nature herself is a racist. The Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort has identified a line of trees that are blocking views of the mountains and the golf course from a predominately black neighborhood. Fearing there might be Tiger Woods fans who are unable to see golfers golfing, the golf course leadership will remove the trees early next year. The trees were planted in the 1960s and are now seen as a racist obstacle rather than a landscape enhancement. I have seen pictures of these trees but have yet to see any trees wearing white sheets and hoods. Also if the tress were burning crosses wouldn’t that mean they are actually murderers? Oh well circumstantial evidence or not the trees must go. Wonder how Governor Moon Beam feels about this since he is the next best hope for saving our planet from Climate Change. Only Al Gore is ahead of Moon for his climate awareness. Also, does this mean black people cause Global Warming? I think a government study is probably just around the corner on that question.

Not to be outdone by a copse of racist trees the progressives in England are also dealing with allegedly racist inanimate objects. Seems the Queen’s first cousin, the Princess of Kent wore a racist brooch to a party in honor of Prince Harry and his bride to be Meghan Markle. The offending jewelry featured a black woman figure with a  gold headdress. Apparently this type of brooch is considered racist and tasteless in today’s high society. The Princess of Kent issued an apology stating she did not mean to offend anyone. WOW what other items are going to be found racist before people finally realize how silly and ridiculous political correctness really is. Also, since Meghan Markle is bi-racial why is it only her black heritage that can be insulted? Why are bi-racial people considered more black than white? Isn’t that a sign they might have separate personalities that are racist to each other? Hmm, I see therapy bills in the royal couples future.

Pope Bernie Sanders, er sorry Pope Francis I get the two of them mixed up since they are both patron saints for socialism. Come to think of it I don’t believe I have ever seen the two of them in the same place at the same time hmm. Anyway Pope Frank compared foreign immigrants who are invading Europe to Mary and Joseph not finding a friendly welcome on the First Christmas. Sorry Frank, may I call you Frank? Frankly, Frank when you allow uncontrolled access to immigrants at the Vatican then I might think you are practicing what you preach, until then take your socialist beliefs and put them where they belong, on the pile of bad ideas. So glad I am no longer a Catholic. This Pope is an embarrassment.

Well I guess that is it for today. See you next time at the Chronicles…….






One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts………

  1. Nice article!
    Politics: Until term limits are made for all.. nothing will change.
    Catholic: Get Cannon Law under control. I miss Mass so, I still go 🙂
    Jesus is the reason for the season!


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