Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb…….

Quotes that can be wise or unwise, good or bad, in other words wisdom or wisdumb.

“Christmas is a season for not only rejoicing but reflection” Winston Churchill.  WISDOM I admire Churchill a great deal. He was a historic figure who helped Great Britain endure and triumph in WWII and became a larger than life political icon in England. His statement is certainly true for your’s truly since 2017 saw the birth of my youngest grand-son in August, a daughter who became engaged on Christmas Eve and a son who announced he was moving from Pennsylvania to Colorado in 2018. Life changes fast and these events caused me to reflect on how our children change and progress as they travel the pathways of their lives. Life changing events can cause rejoicing and reflection especially at Christmas…………..

“There is a cleansing needed in our FBI and Department of Justice. It needs to be cleansed of individuals who should not just be fired but need to be taken away in handcuffs” Judge Jeanine Pirro. WISDOM. Judge Jean as she does very consistently calls it like it is. From the corrupt and evil James Comey to the ineffective and criminal Eric Holder to the Clinton puppet Loretta Lynch the DOJ and FBI have aided and abetted criminals like the Clinton crime family, the Obama socialist anti-American regime and who knows how many others. Arrests and incarceration are the way to go.

“Paul Ryan don’t you talk about Jesus after what you just did to our nation” Rosie O’Donnell. WISDUMB. Rosie was apparently upset that House Speaker Paul Ryan wished everyone a Merry Christmas on Twitter. Rosie is an unhinged progressive/commie who feels the recent tax cuts are going to affect the government’s ability to spend other people’s money. Rosie of course is a proven liar since she did vow to leave America if Trump were elected. Unfortunately for America Rosie is still here and still openly displaying what a spiteful witch she is.

“I can’t stand whining”. Hillary Clinton WISDUMB. Really, could have fooled me tootz. If she really truly feels that way can we be spared anymore Hillary interviews where she blames everything and everybody else except herself for her election loss? Please Hillary Please just go away and don’t come back, America is a much better place without you in politics.

“The movie It’s a Wonderful Life is inherently sexist” Carol Costello of CNN. WISDUMB. Oh Boy, another progressive idiot who thinks classics movies from a bygone era should be retired since they may offend a progressive idiot who mistakenly views it. Just let people decide if they want to watch the film or not. Why deny everyone the chance to see this movie just because you’re an idiot and don’t like it. Freedom of choice Carol, of course CNN isn’t called the Commie News Network for nothing. As a matter of fact I exercise my freedom of choice by not watching CNN for fear of being offended by its leftist propaganda.

“Returning ISIS Jihadists could be an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization” Justin Trudeau. WISDUMB. Justin, have you been drinking camel water again? If these people are really fighting for ISIS chances are they will be radicalizing others to fight for ISIS also. They are radicals who are criminals and terrorists not worthy of living in Canada or anywhere else except some Middle Eastern hell-hole. The delusions of progressive minds never fail to provide evidence proving their insanity.

You’ll come back now hear…………………………….

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