149 Items CNN will not Report…..

World Net Daily posted an interesting article recently outlining 149 items that President Trump has accomplished this year. I would like to comment on the items that make me happy I voted for Trump.

Items 1, 3,49,129: Abortion Reform: No more funding for abortions in foreign countries, no more partial birth abortions and cutting funding to the United Nation’s Population Fund. I personally believe that since abortion has become legal in America it has lessened the value of human life and led our country on a murderous and immoral path of genocide. Kudos to President Trump for at least attempting to stop the mass murder of defenseless babies.

Items 117, 138: United Nations: President Trump’s speech at the UN was on target as he outlined his plan to put America first when dealing with the corrupt and useless United Nations. We are no longer members of UNESCO due to their anti-American and anti-Israel bias and our President has let the UN know he will not be intimidated by their Climate Change rhetoric which is politically motivated or by their lack of support for our ally Israel.

Item 15: Christianity: Christian Muslims will find an easier path to refugee status in America as they deserve. The Christian Muslim is after all less likely to blow themselves up in a suicide bombing or run people over in biking lanes. President Trump has also supported Christians who refuse to be forced to provide contraceptive services as part of the poorly named Affordable Care Act.

Item 2: Presidential Salary: President Trump has donated his salary since he is a self-sufficient and successful businessman. Finally we have a President that has actually worked in a business setting and not a President who skated by due to affirmative action rules that are racist and should be illegal.

While these items are just part of the President’s accomplishments, he is trying his best to correct the destruction and disgrace our previous President’s legacy caused with misguided leadership and racist politics. I commend President Trump on his accomplishments and look forward to the remainder of his term as America’s leader.  Draining the political swamp in Washington D.C. is taking longer than I would like but I have faith that human swamp rats like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and their ilk will be removed one way or another before they cause more damage politically. As always comments are welcome………………………………..



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