What in the Wide Wide World…..

Chicago, Illinois has been the gun violence capital of America for sometime now. Although every gun law ever conceived is on the books they already have totaled 560  gun related homicides this year alone. Chicago is also a so-called sanctuary city where illegal immigrants, many of whom are gang members and contributors to the violence are given immunity from deportation.  Now anyone with common sense would think that the political leadership of a large metropolitan area such as Chicago would be focusing on how to make the city safer for its citizens.  True to that vision, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing for new legislation to prevent people from……. walking and using their cell phones at the same time. The ‘distracted walking’ law will make Chicago a safer city according to Mayor Emanuel. A recent study showed 27 pedestrians were killed in cross-walks this year because they were distracted by their cell phones. Lets do a little math 560 gun homicides versus 27 traffic/pedestrian accidental deaths. No wonder Democrats like Emanuel are often accused of suffering from cranial rectal inversion. Who knew distracted walking was more important than gun homicides, harboring illegal criminals or breaking Federal laws. Huh?

Only a few weeks ago a former Air Force member who suffered from mental illness committed mass homicide in a church shooting,a story on Fox news details a report stating the U.S. Army is lifting a ban on drug abusers and the mentally ill so they can reach required recruiting levels. Great, the Army will now allow cutters, bi-polar suffers, depressed recruits and drug addicts. Hey, what could possibly go wrong with this plan. A clinical psychologist from the University of Arizona was quoted as saying “there is no reason in the world that these people couldn’t or shouldn’t serve in the military”. Ah Doctor, I have a reason the Texas church massacre perhaps? Seems like a red flag to me. Again, common sense and leadership even in the military are sorely lacking

California advertises itself as the state that cares, it cares about illegal immigrants by being a sanctuary state that will not deport illegal aliens even if they commit violent crimes while they live within state borders. They care about the environment more than the rest of the country and they care more for the poor because they have the highest taxes and the most welfare programs of any state in the union. However it seems California does not practice what it preaches. A church in Malibu that helps feed people in need  has been asked to close its kitchen to the disadvantaged. By feeding 70 – 90 people every Wednesday the Malibu city council believes the church is causing the homeless population in Malibu to grow and well the wealthy residents just can’t handle that. This church has been feeding the homeless since 2014 but may now be forced to close it’s kitchen because of a few wealthy complainers. Think about that when some rich entertainer or sports star who resides in Malibu tells you that you can do more to help our world. Hypocrites, yes they are.

California isn’t the only place where stupidity and liberalism rule the masses. A misguided and idiotic jury in New York city recently awarded a graffiti artist thousands of dollars in damages because a property owner removed this ‘artist’s’ work from a building without notifying the graffiti artist ahead of time. Apparently there is a little known law in New York called The Visual Artist’s Rights Act. Even thought the building owner was not aware of the law the court explained to him that ignorance was no defense. Well citizens of New York, this is your pay back from electing a Commie mayor who has admitted he does not believe in private property ownership. You get what you vote for.

And finally, just in time for Christmas. Mattel has proudly announced the release of Islamic Barbie, that’s right Barbie in a Hijab. What can be more perfect as a Christmas gift than a Barbie doll that champions the destruction of Christians and other non-Islamic religions. Why the accessories alone could make millions for Mattel. Designer suicides vests in various colors and patterns, after all suicide bombers only get one chance to impress with how they dress might as well make the most of it. The Barbie Bomb Making Boudoir complete with replica blasting caps, wiring and cell phone detonators. A Barbie bus filled with toy explosives might be nice or a rental car to run down infidels like Ken while he is biking. The ideas are endless. How about a Christian barbie, if you can celebrate the religion of destruction and hatred like Islam why not the religion of love, Christianity. Oh that’s right someone might think Christian barbie is offensive. Well Mattel kudos for releasing this information now before I begin my Christmas shopping. I now know what company I will avoid supporting this Christmas.




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