Stubborn? You Talking To Me???

Recently I decided to do something I had not done for quite some time. I hand my palm read. While the experience was fun overall and the reader did come up with several items I thought were interesting, one observation they made peaked my interest the most. Namely they grabbed my left thumb and told me that was my stubborn thumb. Basically I was told I was stubborn and rigid in my ideas and I needed to loosen up. Interesting since I never thought about being stubborn as necessarily a bad thing. To examine this further I did a little research and would like to share my findings.

According to Psychology Today, there is no such thing as being stubborn. Apparently just because a person doesn’t budge from a position they believe in doesn’t make them stubborn, it just means they are satisfied with their position or belief. OK I can agree with that argument. I have believed for many years now that if a person doesn’t stand for something they may in fact stand for nothing.

An opposing point of view concerning stubbornness comes from the Urban Dictionary. This site defines stubborn as “someone who doesn’t listen to other people’s opinions”. OK, I have to respectfully disagree with this definition. If I in fact are a stubborn person, I have almost always listened to or read opposing opinions that don’t coincide with my opinion or position. I just don’t see any reason to change my position very often when faced with an opposing  argument or opinion or position. For example, many people today believe in ‘gender fluidity’ and they claim there are many genders. I believe since God created us, He blessed us with two distinctly different genders male & female. Recite and speculate all the gender babble you want but there are only two genders and that is a fact jack. I guess it isn’t being stubborn when you know your right.

According to Personality & Spirituality being stubborn is a character flaw. This site defines stubborn as resistance to change. I personally would consider this being obstinate not stubborn. Very few people like change. As a matter of fact I believe a majority of people always strive to be comfortable and secure in their lives, opinions, beliefs and environment. This site attempts to reduce being stubborn to resistance for resistance sake and I can’t agree with that. I’m sure in their eyes I am certainly being stubborn with my review but that is fine with me. I won’t hold it against them, even though I know they are wrong.

Now I have written before about my darling, beautiful, wonderful wife. My OMP (omnipotent marriage partner). A site called Your Tango likens stubbornness to mean persistent, tenacious and refusing to surrender. As a matter of fact this site believes that falling in love with a stubborn woman is a good thing because it means she is stubborn  about you. WOW, so being stubborn can actually bring true love. I would never in a million years have believed that one. I can however stubbornly say I have to  agree with and love that viewpoint. Stubborn in love. I might just have to pitch that idea to Hallmark for their romantic card business.

I guess in summary, being stubborn is probably not a character flaw but a positive character trait. At least it could be seen that way depending on the situation. As with many things in life there is always the chance that something good can also be used to do bad if not properly developed and deployed. Since we are individuals and every situation and issue is unique freedom of choice plays a big role in how we use character traits. Being stubborn can be good but I guess it can also be used incorrectly. As always, choose wisely my friends.



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