Wisdom or Wisdumb ???

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes Wisdom as “a wise attitude, belief or course of action”. Seems like a reasonable explanation maybe even a wise definition for wisdom. On the other hand there are sometimes allegedly wise individuals who say and do things that may be anything but wise. When considering these individuals I like to use the term WISDUMB. When listening to points of view or reading news stories I therefore like to judge what I hear or read as wisdom=good or wisdumb=bad. Using this rating system I have a few people to offer as examples of why my rating system seems to work.

Bruce Maxwell is a professional baseball player who made the news by kneeling for our National Anthem before several baseball games. As a matter of fact I believe he was the only player in Major League Baseball to do so. He stated he was protesting because black people were being persecuted in America. Alright, I disagree with his reasoning and I believe protesting in your workplace is wrong but if the story ended here no harm no foul. However Mr. Maxwell made the news during the off-season when he told reporters he was refused service at a bar because of his protest. He even used the incident to support his stance since it seemed he was discriminated against. However, he was proven to be a liar when the bar told their side of the story,  concerning the incident. Mr. Maxwell and an intoxicated friend went to the bar looking to consume more alcohol. The friend was not only already drunk but did not have proper ID to get served. After making a scene Mr. Maxwell made up the lie to make the bar employees look like racists.  Mr. Maxwell also compounded his issues by later getting arrested for threatening a woman with a gun while he was intoxicated. I guess Bruce really does have issues with the police, he is a criminal and police usually arrest criminals. Oops, nice try Bruce but your actions tell me your protest stance is a joke and you have a bad case of WISDUMB.

Senator John McCain, recently stated that “We tear down walls we don’t build walls” when asked about funding for President Trump’s border wall. McCain has admirably served his country during the Vietnam war and if he has an opinion, he has every right to speak that opinion. However, Mr. McCain is an elected Senator who needs to put his voters first by supporting a major platform policy that President Trump was elected to enact. Illegal immigration is a major issue that is plaguing our country and causing real problems for legitimate citizens. Financially, states are struggling to fund the needs and wants of illegal immigrants and in some areas this lawless behavior has led to violence and tragedy.  This certainly is the case in the state Mr. McCain ‘represents’ Arizona. Mr. McCain has been a politician for many decades and he is a millionaire who seems to think what he wants matters more than the people who elected him to fulfill their agenda. Remember ‘government for the people by the people’ Mr. McCain? Sorry sir it may be time to retire, here is your going away present, you sir suffer from WISDUMB….

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated “Mr. Trump was elected by the American people and for that reason it is necessary to show respect for him even if you do not agree with some of his positions”. How sad yet refreshing that the Russian President has better manners and sense of decorum then the Anti-Trump groups who cause trouble with our President who was fairly elected. President Putin is correct 100%, many people who believed our former President was a poor choice sat back and suffered for 8 years thru greedy tax hikes, racial division and poor judgement from our elected President. They did not protest, riot or cause the mayhem that Democrat supported groups are causing because their chosen candidate lost. To the Democrats I give you a hearty and well deserved WISDUMB rating. To President Putin a well deserved WISDOM designation.

President Trump recently stated his wish that  NYC terrorist Sayfullo Saipov should be sent to Gitmo. I applaud the President’s reaction. Any terrorist who kills Americans or anyone on American soil should be sent with the rest of the terrorist vermin housed in Cuba. I would also add that committing a terrorist act that kills innocent civilians should be punishable by an automatic death penalty. But I guess one step at a time. Mr. Saipov should have a fair trial and then be hanged….er go to Gitmo for life. Sorry guess I was thinking about the legendary Judge Roy Bean, he apparently warned the worst criminals who showed up in his court that they had no need to worry because they would get a fair trial in his court before they were hanged. They don’t make judges like that anymore. Anyway to President Trump I extend a WISDOM rating for honestly saying what he feels and not allowing political correctness to temper his opinion.

WISDOM or WISDUMB, the stories, actions and quotes are out there from a great many sources. It’s up to us to judge whether the info we see, hear and read is wise or not. The opinions expressed here are my own and I welcome feedback.






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