Dealing With Loss Today…….

Image may contain: people sitting, cat, screen, table and indoor

Ever since I started this blog a little less than a year ago my co-writer, editor and companion Zeus was always near. Hell, truth be told whenever I was home Zeus was near. Taking college courses on-line, Zeus helped me write a paper or two. Sitting in a recliner watching TV or reading, Zeus was there. For 17 years he was alpha cat of the house. No matter how many cats we had at any given time Zeus ruled with fairness and usually just a look from his eyes told the other male cats, ‘I’m in charge and don’t forget it”. My faithful companion passed this week. The picture above I took only 4 months ago. When he passed he was a thin shell of himself.  I ain’t much for sentimentality but truth be told I always had a soft spot for animals. As a matter of fact I get along better with my animals than I do with some people. Saying good-bye ain’t easy, but sometimes it is necessary.

Good-bye old friend, I will miss ya as will the entire family.






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