Tips On Putting Up With A Narcissist……..

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I love learning new things. For instance, I recently found out that people who can be described as narcissists allegedly have a mental disorder. Well now. I usually just thought of these people as being self-centered, arrogant jerks. Never stopped to think they might be suffering from some mental disease.

Unfortunately we all come across a narcissist from time to time in our daily lives. Many entertainers can be narcissists, most politicians are probably narcissists and I’m sure everyone who works for a living has stumbled into a narcissist at their place of employment, management types tend to be narcissists. Over the years I have crossed paths with these individuals and I would like to offer some tips on how to best get along with these pain in the rear type of people. My tips will be from my perspective and experiences. I will also include tips from mental health research I have done. I will provide a link to my research at the end of my blog.

We poor working stiffs have at some point or another run across a boss who quite frankly portrayed themselves as being able to walk on water as well as constantly attempting to remind everyone around them, that they are in fact, without a doubt the smartest person in the room. They claim credit for other people s work or ideas, possess an inflated ego and a frankly feel like they are entitled to be worshiped and adored. In my view that are ass-hats, but according to research I should attempt to understand these people so I can better be able to work for them. Yes, for them since a narcissist probably doesn’t recognize or believe in true teamwork. You can’t work with them only for them. (my observation).

One place I worked had such a boss. He was untouchable and knew it. Family ties to the stockholders meant he was an entitled brat who knew he could get away with anything he wanted with no fear of repercussions. Ah, maybe not repercussions from other management types, but since his department had several wild and crazy young people employed he was repercussed  on more than one occasion. Now I will admit I was one of these wild and crazy employees. I will not admit to participating in any shenanigans that may have gone on. I plead the 5th. Now, professionals say you should understand who your narcissistic  boss wants to be and do all you can to help him succeed. I guess that is taking the high road. Frankly my co-workers and I at the time were more low road type people. This boss for his attitude toward us received little if any respect, suffered much ridicule and well practical jokes were also on our response menu. Hiding a recently caught fish in his Jeep was a real ‘get him pissed’ idea. Served him right for leaving the soft top down. He had his own sugar container in the break room that only could be used by him. Replacing the sugar with salt was an occasional activity. No internet in those days so if you were reading a magazine there was usually a cardboard post card to fill out if you wanted info on a subscription. He received ads for magazines covering many diverse subjects like hunting, cooking, fishing, gay porn, fetishes… you name it. Low road yeah, we were all young adults and frankly if no corporate type would stand up for us then we stood up for ourselves. As an older wiser person I feel a little bad concerning my actions but heck, it was a long time ago and I’m over it.

Narcissistic politicians are a real nuisance. Unfortunately not much average folk can do about them except vote against them at election time. Obama was known as the Narcissist-in-Chief when he was President. I disagreed with everything and anything he stood for, and lest someone accuse me of racism the same went for Slick Willie Clinton. Hey just because you think you are a legend in your own mind don’t expect me to agree with you. Professionals say stroke the egos of politicians and attempt to learn from their good behaviors. Sorry but I feel these type of people don’t possess any good behaviors and they just tend to irritate me. There-fore I try to irritate them back. Works for me since that attitude keeps my stress level down. Potato, potatoe……

I guess pros say understand your enemy and try to relate with them. I say you don’t have to put up with these arrogant jerks and fight back where-ever and when-ever and however you can. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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