Amish Romance???

Why Amish Romance Novels Are So Popular

In the old days, before the Kindle I used to spend quite a bit of time in book stores. Reading has been a hobby of mine ever since grade-school. I remember once upon a time many romance novels could be seen in book stores usually with covers featuring busty babes and muscular guys. Almost every book had a line that read “her ample cleavage was ready to burst forth  from her dress as her lover flexed his manly muscles beckoning her lust”, or something like that anyway. These novels were not my thing but quite a few authors sold millions of books with these racy covers.

Times change and I read an article recently about Amish romance novels and their popularity. I thought, SAY WHAT? The books pictured above I have actually seen for sale in my local supermarket. I live in a largely rural area of Pennsylvania and the surrounding area has a fairly large Amish and Mennonite population. While the Amish are farmers and builders, I never once considered that they could be romantic men and women who could inspire authors. The authors mentioned above have sold over 30 million Amish romance novels!!! Ironically none of the authors are Amish but that doesn’t seem to stand in the way of their writing success. By the way the Amish romance genre even has its own lustful description. These novels are known as ‘bonnet rippers’!!!

Seems women even in the age of technology, are enjoying novels with romance that take place in a community that harkens back to simpler times. As far as I know the Amish are probably not checking their iPhones every minute to read a text or look at their Facebook page. They are probably too busy building barns and plowing fields. I suspect Twitter is probably not popular in their communities either. What exactly do the Amish do in their spare time? Wait, I know. Without all the distractions that modern life offers, the Amish probably spend more time and attention on their wives and girl-friends. Huh, those sneaky devils. Without TV, computers, cell phones and iPods I guess spending quality time with your honey is a top priority. Guess we modern guys could learn a thing or two from them Amish Lotharioes.

In this day and age, romance is too often portrayed as nothing more than hooking up for the sake of mindless pleasure. I therefore found it interesting that these Amish romance novels contain little in the way of nudity and graphic sex. Instead the novels apparently let readers imagine what is happening lust wise by using their own imaginations. This is also a throwback to a bygone era where readers needed to possess a vivid imagination while reading, instead of novels containing shocking scenes to hold an audience’s attention. They might be known as ‘bonnet rippers’ but I guess bonnets aren’t made to be ripped but maybe removed slowly and sexy like.

I love observing society and people in general. Many ironies can be found and sometimes society is just surprising. I would have never thought that in our ultra-modern society and sex obsessed culture, good old-fashioned romance novels, with an Amish twist would be so successful. To the ladies who enjoy these novels, good for you.

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