Texting Is Hazardous….

beautiful cute female girl

I live in a largely rural area. York, Pa. is the closest ‘large’ city. I grew up in Philadelphia where some neighborhoods were larger than York so I guess size is relative. When I travelled the streets of Philly especially downtown, getting thru intersections with my car was a challenge. Pedestrians tended to cross streets in large herds. Basically you needed to inch your vehicle forward slowly, beeping the horn and on occasion hurling a few colorful expletives at the herd members if you hoped to cross the intersection before the light turned RED again. In my younger/crazier days I had a Camaro with a security system that sounded very much like an emergency vehicle siren. I had a switch installed so I could sound the alarm at will. Pedestrians would clear the intersection a little quicker when I hit that switch. Good times…. Back in those days everyone in the city did not have a cell phone. People had to walk the streets distracted by their own thoughts, maybe a pretty girl’s looks or just concentrating on walking and chewing gum at the same time. Now however, cell phones are everywhere.

While it is illegal just about everywhere to text and drive or even talk on a cell phone without hands free technology, walking and texting or looking at your cell phone is perfectly legal. Bad idea, technology is making people stupid especially the people who seem addicted to their cell phones. Hold on a minute, I just got a text…….. As a species it has been well documented that humans have always had difficulty walking and chewing gum at the same time. What makes humanity think that they can walk and text at the same time? No need to answer, that was rhetorical. Yet people wander all throughout their area looking at that iPhone and still attempt to travel without bumping into other people who are equally distracted. Heck, I am surprised some insurance company hasn’t come up with the idea to issue personal protection insurance for pedestrian hit and runs caused by other pedestrians. Bet it could be a money-maker.

Apparently all this multi-tasking by pedestrians has led to a sharp increase in pedestrians being killed or injured by cars. WOW, what a surprise…Wait a minute no it’s not. Basically as a blogging service announcement I would like my readers to put the dang phone down while they are walking city streets. Crazy people like me might just  accidentally mow you down if you’re not paying attention to me while I am driving. Just a warning. For drivers, here is a useful tip. If you do find that you have accidently run over a distracted pedestrian, check you vehicle for damage. If damage is minimal use your cell phone (after pulling over and parking in a safe place) and find the nearest car wash that uses Shammy Shine technology. For my money they are the best choice for removing blood, guts, fleshy bits and bone fragments from your ride. Don’t take my word for it, try them today. Yeah I know another example of a shameless plug for a product or service.

Anyway my fellow pedestrians, stay alert because the world needs more lerts. Heard that somewhere. That message, call or text ain’t more important than your health. Trust me on that. Thus endth today’s lesson.

A text only version of today’s blog has been included for you free of charge. Just re-read the blog and close your eyes when the picture appears. Enjoy…………….Stay Safe People!!!

Research for today’s blog was acquired from the movie Creepshow 2. Specifically the episode entitled ‘Thanks for the Ride Lady”. It actually captures the dangers of driving and walking while distracted quite nicely.

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