Rules For Women………….

woman wearing pink top

Found a lot of stories on the Internet about men behaving badly and how women are not putting up with masculinity and such. Wondered why I don’t ever remember seeing rules written by guys for women to follow when it seems women have more than enough rules for men to follow. So here goes ladies, oh if you are a feminazi you might want to cover your ears:

1- Learn how to work the darn toilet seat. You’re an adult. When you need it down put it down.

2- When a man is watching sports he is actually doing something Leave him alone he is busy. If he is also drinking a beer then he is multitasking so if you’re not willing to get him a refill from the fridge, LEAVE HIM ALONE. Unless your request has something to do with sex.

3- Shopping is not a sport. Women’s stores do not have a sporting goods or electronics section. Think about your partner’s needs before bringing him along on a shopping excursion.

4- Crying during a discussion or argument is BLACKMAIL. Last time I checked blackmail was illegal. So if you want to avoid arrest, no crying.

5- Ask for what you want clearly and precisely. Men cannot read your mind. Hints are too much like work for a man to decipher.

6- Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers for most questions. Explanations are boring.

7- If you have a problem, come to us for a resolution only. Sympathy is what your gal pals are for.

8- A headache that lasts for a year or more may be a sign of a serious medical condition. Your partner loves you so please, see a doctor.

9- There is a statute of limitations after six days for anything we might have said during an argument. After that time period what we said is null and void.

10- If something we said can be interpreted two different ways and one of those ways made you sad or angry just remember, we probably meant the other way.

11- If we ask you what is wrong and you say “Nothing”. Well that’s your answer, don’t blame us for believing you if you didn’t really mean it.

12- Don’t ask your man what he might be thinking about unless you are ready to discuss sports, guns, or sex.

Just doing my part as a blogger to help with the man/woman dynamic. God knows it is tougher these days more than ever to keep a harmonious relationship in harmony. If any men have suggestions that I missed please share. If any women would like to comment feel free to do so.

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