Hey Man, Got Some Extra Charmin???

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well the ‘artistic’ exhibit pictured above is currently on display at the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam the Netherlands. Now I ain’t an artistic type person but I know ‘sh#%’ when I see it and brother, that sure looks like sh$# to me. Not only do museum goers get to walk thru this excrement display they are encouraged to do so nude. If you have a problem with your body image the museum provides ‘naked’ skin tone costumes you can put on over your clothing. Well now, that sure is nice of them Rottweilers (not sure, is that what they call citizens of Rotterdam?). I sure hope this exhibit isn’t a scratch and sniff display. That would be too realistic. By the way the 4 giant turds, sculptures take up 16,000 square feet of space and are actually created from clay. The museum’s curator describes the display as a “powerful example of humor and simplification”. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, my review would probably be more earthy and bohemian with a few colorful metaphors thrown in.

Allegedly Ernest Hemingway once said “never mistake creativity for art”. I believe Ernie may have been right on target with that comment. Modern art seems to be filled with concepts that I believe would make even Picasso lose his mind. Take for instance:

Performance art frankly it  just confuses my brain. Artist Millie Brown vomits colored soy milk onto a canvas as her ‘painting’ technique. Very original, definitely different and well,,,,totally disgusting. Ironically enough her ‘artwork’ has been displayed in New York and Los Angeles galleries. Apparently many modern artists are embracing conceptual and performance art. Paintings and sculptures are now classified as visual art since they were intended  for people who like looking at images. DOH, really? Hey the research I did explained visual art that way, I sure didn’t make that explanation up. Conceptual art and performance art are designed to elicit an almost immediate response from the museum going public. Visual art might require a museum goer to look at the art for some period of time before making a determination as to what the artist was trying to say.

For a new type of realism/performance art, artist Marina Abramovic has a work entitled “The Artist is Present”. Marina’s piece is herself, literally sitting in a chair in the gallery while patrons pass by or if they would like to become a piece of art they can sit in a chair opposite her and stare to their hearts content.  Now I know most artists sell their work, I wonder if someone bought this piece if they would also have to provide room, board and meals. Just a question I had, the article writer hasn’t e-mailed me back with an answer yet. Apparently this particular work was on display for 3 weeks. Me-thinks her first stop after seven hours a day sitting was the Ladies Room but hey what do I know.

Anyway, I have included links to the sites I used for research. The sites contain many examples of modern art such as vacuum cleaners, a box of Brillo pads, balloon animals and one of my personal favorites 4 models getting their butts painted. Oh there is also a candle made of sh%#. Hope that museum in Rotterdam has a good sprinkler system. I didn’t know sh%# was flammable. Indeed, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As for me I know several women who are enjoying painting classes. Their work is easy to figure out, is far from disgusting and I don’t have to stare at it for hours attempting to find the true meaning. Art is supposed to be enjoyable, so enjoy it.

Research from : https://artofericwayne.com/2016/05/02/why-people-hate-contemporaryconceptual-art/



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