Real Americans vs Progressives, The Fight is On………..

Opinions are like a##-holes and elbows, everybody has one. I heard that saying as a little kid and I guess being an impressionable young man it stuck with me. Now more than ever it seems to be true as roughly half of America is conservative and half of America are lying, cheating, commie…er progressive. Frankly I don’t see myself as a conservative, I describe myself as a common sense American who happens to be a registered Independent. I happen to believe politicians are by definition evil and corrupt. There are a few that I would trust but most of them ain’t worth bull nuggies when it comes right down to it. The majority govern for their own power, wealth and for special interest groups. Ironic that many special interest groups are well, just not that interested in America except for what they can gain from ruling the citizenry.

One thing politicians have unfortunately succeeded at is dividing the country and feeding that division with more inflamed rhetoric, insane ideas and misguided governing. For instance civil disobedience in the form of violent protesting, riots and staged protests have become commonplace. Trouble is these forms of resistance just make people angry and instead of uniting people in the name of working out differences peacefully, people just get angrier and more frustrated at their opponents. Protests by a large segment of the population dishonor America and Americans who honor and love their country. Again, unity is difficult because our politicians fan the flames of anger and keep people fighting and arguing with one another in a thus far all too successful plan to keep citizens divided.

This sort or governing by division and favoring one group over another gave us the close election for President between President Trump and Dictator Madame President Wannabe Hillary C. A marginalized group identified as bitter clingers and deplorable people rose up and said enough is enough. I want my country back. I will no longer be accused of being evil, racist or any other adjectives socialist, commie  er progressives say we are. Luckily for those people and I proudly admit to being in their ranks, Hillary lost and The Donald won.

Like I said opinions, everyone has them. Apparently after roughly 18 months Hillary and her evil supporters are still crying about the loss and blaming everyone except themselves and Hillary who was probably the most despised and hated Democrat to run for office in all our history. So here we are. A nation where half the populace believes freedom of speech should be censored, freedom of religion is discrimination and the right to bear arms and defend ones-self is evil. Doesn’t sound like there is much common ground for true Americans to unify when their progressive counter-parts are willing to freely suspend or surrender God-given rights to our politicians. Everyone has an opinion but everyone can’t be right. God given rights are just that. Given to us God-fearing and worshiping people  to enable us to lead good lives and defend those lives from tyranny.

While everyone is entitled to and has their opinion, the progressives are wrong. Surrendering rights for any ideology is not a valid opinion or argument. Opening borders to destroy a central core American culture that has endured for centuries is not a valid opinion or argument. Penalizing America and it’s citizens because mistakes may have been made in our history is not a valid opinion or argument. Impeaching a legally elected President because a disenfranchised segment of Americans voted for him to preserve their view of America is not a valid opinion or argument. Resisting that President and his supporters because their views, plans and the President’s campaign promises are helping Americans even the Americans who despise him is not a valid opinion or argument.

Many people who voted and disagreed with Obama wern’t racist they just didn’t agree with his idology and ideas while he attempted to destroy and ruin America. When a better choice was offered they voted for that choice. That isn’t opinion, conjecture or theory. The proof is there for all to see. The fact the progressive/liberal elements in our nation cannot be swayed by absolutely true facts prove that their opinions and arguments are not valid. They have been shown a batter way to do things in America and they still resist. Therefore the only opinion common sense Americans can have is, these people are misguided, insane or seek to destroy America by any means necessary to implement their failed ideas. Their ideology doesn’t represent unity and a better America. Their ideology promises misery for all except the political class and their wealthy enablers. These progressives are not resisters, they are America’s enemies. Just my humble opinion and after-all everyone has one.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They were formed by what I read, research and have experienced. Comments in favor of against are welcome.

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