Gender Fluid??? Say What!!!


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OK, I know I’m an old honky who ain’t quite hip to modern society’s standards. I admit that up front, but come on people!!! Gender Fluid? Really…………………………………………………

Now, my first instinct is to turn the term ‘gender fluid’ into a joke of some sort. Maybe say that my mechanic recommends changing my car’s gender fluid every spring or three thousand miles. Since my wife is advocating I at least try to be less controversial I won’t make such a joke. DOH!!!!!

Anyway, why do people see a need to confuse young people and old people with all this gender nonsense. For centuries the mystery that existed between women and men got along just fine by accepting the fact that men and women are the two genders that God, mother nature or aliens (depending on your creationist theory of choice) were created and graced upon us humans. Sure men don’t always know or can’t figure out women on most occasions, but the same is true about women trying to understand men. That stalemate has lasted centuries and yet men and women have still been able to fall in love, procreate and go on with life. In other words they did just fine as the two and only two genders in existence on planet earth. Somewhere, some misguided and insane person started thinking about how wonderful it would be if they could just create a wealth of genders. Genders that don’t really exist except maybe in another insane person’s mind. but that’s OK we’ll just do it anyway. Whoever that person was I would like to meet them just so I could pop them in the snout. What the H E double hockey sticks were you thinking??????

Whoever you are or were you are a moron. Gender fluid has developed into a full-blown insanity of confused and strange people who occasionally pollute everyday life instead of seeking help from mental health professionals. Need an example: In my area we have a 24 hour supermarket. Overnight there is one register open and most nights the employee is a young man/woman/? who weighs about 300+ pounds, has a full beard, boobs that would make Dolly Parton blush and nails that a hand model would kill for. Jumping Butter-Balls people!!! Ain’t nothing fluid about this creature accept their immediate need for group therapy.

While the moronic and useless Kenyan named Obama was President we had questions concerning restroom use. Those questions still linger in some areas but since our President is now actually a real man and not some man wanna-be, some strange perverts were granted permission to use any restroom they chose because they might have felt like a woman at any given time. Yikes, just considering a man who might be experiencing PMS or even having a period makes me cringe. What in the world is that all about? I know crazy people have rights too but if some guy wants to use the same restroom as my grand-daughter, well sir, let’s just say his gender confusion will be the least of his worries if I’m around.

Common sense seems to be missing in action with these gender fluid types and their supporters. Sorry folks history ain’t on your side. Men and women have existed since the world was created. There was Adam and Eve. They were not in Eden with any asexuals, pansexuals, bi-sexuals, or whatever else sexuals you misguided freak lovers can make up. Can’t argue with the facts dearies. What the heck is a pan-sexual anyways, someone who likes to have sex with kitchen items?

For some reason progressives/ liberals and so-called ‘free-thinkers’ seem to believe history, evolution and society needs to be re-written, re-worked and re-made. I for one say ‘talk to my middle finger people’. You are wrong, history, evolution and the majority of society are perfectly fine. You on the other hand seem to have a whole bunch of issues. I urge these folks to seek help immediately. Not only for themselves but to spare me and my fellow normals out-there all this confusion, rhetoric and ugliness.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They have been formed by what I know, research and have experienced. Comments are welcome.


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