NFL? What is That?

arena at t stadium building cowboys stadium

Oh I so hope the NFL parking lots look empty like the image above this coming season. The whiny millionaires who feel ‘oppressed’ need to feel the full wrath of the fans who they are disrespecting. These players need to realize that protesting in one’s workplace is not a rights issue. Protesting your customers and their country and expecting those customers to not only agree with your racist and misguided complaints is also not a good way to do business. After all the money from those fans helps pay your salary.  I guess you under estimated your fan base and actually thought you could insult them and get away with it, so sad too bad.

I WAS an NFL fan for the better part of five decades. I followed my home town Eagles for many years before switching team allegiance to the Redskins. Yeah, that’s right I said Redskins. That is the team’s name, I don’t see the name as anything more than a name so I will use it as long as that is the name.  Speaking of the Philly Eagles, they are the villains  in  my mind because their urge to protest based on a false narrative outweighed their respect for America the country I love. First their disrespect showed when they knelt during the anthem in their games last season. Second, their disrespect for our country’s President compounded their idiocy and culminated in their visit as NFL Champions to the White House being cancelled. Cancelled because they felt obliged to protest and show their racism and hatred for our President instead of respecting America and the office President Trump holds.

I protested the protesters last season by not watching any games. buying any merchandise or even reading any NFL news. I did not keep up with stories or stats or win/loss records. As a matter of fact after about a week or so I found I didn’t miss the NFL nearly as much as I thought I would. I like to be entertained, as such I viewed football as a diversion. When the diversion has misguided social justice included, well fellas, I pass (no pun intended). I don’t want your empty-headed social justice protest and I certainly don’t need to see my country or my love for my country insulted by overpaid divas who happen to be good at playing a game. Although in many prior off-seasons NFL players did stay in the news for issues other than protesting. There were numerous drug arrests, domestic violence cases, gun possession arrests. Come to think of it I guess maybe these protesters had a beef with police because they were constantly breaking the law. Sad, money can’t buy everything they say. I guess it certainly can’t but civility for hoodlums. Heck several players were even convicted of murder. I guess being a decent human being and an NFL player isn’t an exact science.

I ain’t saying these idiots can’t protest, I am saying they should do it on their own time and not mine. I don’t care about their ignorant political views anymore than they care about my views. I just don’t need to see and hear these ‘enlightened’ and ‘educated’ athletes disrespect America and the people who support their game. Many fans according to many polls disagree with these players yet like true progressive/liberals they can’t fathom or admit they’re wrong so their detractors are racist, deplorable or stupid. Nice business model you got there. Be ashame when something bad happens to it.  Well on second thought not really. Pay back is a you know what guys. Take your protests and shove it. I don’t need to see it and I don’t need the NFL to entertain me anymore. I and many fans have moved on, I suggest you do the same.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They are formed by what I read, research and have experienced. Comments welcome.

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