Why Is ‘No’ a Bad Word?

First and foremost I couldn’t care less whether gay marriage is legal or not. I ain’t gay so it doesn’t affect me one way or another, other than I have a gay stepson who one day might want to be married. If he finds the right person then good for him, I would even be happy to walk him down the aisle and give him away if that was OK with him. The problem with gay marriage I do have is, how it has been used in an attempt to corrupt and circumvent religious freedom in America. That is something I will not stand for or agree with.

Recently the Supreme Court of the United States sided with a Christian baker who wouldn’t design a wedding cake for a gay couple. After reading about several issues concerning this case I feel strongly the court was totally correct it the ruling. First of all if what I read is correct, the baker never told the couple in question he would not provide them with a cake. He just wouldn’t design them a cake that wasn’t already in his design inventory. The couple also drove many miles out of their area to go to this specific baker. Either he was worth the ride because he was the best cake designer in the world or he was specifically targeted.  Either way I don’t see any wrong doing by the baker.

The problem I see with court cases like this is actually quite simple, when did the word ‘NO’ become a civil rights issue. Almost everyone hears the word ‘NO’ everyday. If we ask a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ question there is a fifty percent chance the answer will be ‘NO’. If a religion, and there are several, will perform a gay wedding why don’t gay couples get married there? Likewise a baker who will fulfill their cake request because they want their business should get their business, why go someplace where the answer might be ‘NO’. Doesn’t make sense to me. What also doesn’t make sense is attempting to force a business or organization to do something which is against that business or organization’s right to practice the religion of their choice. If we are serious about separation of church and state then the state has no right to demand anyone to surrender their religious liberty to do something that might be against their religious beliefs. Wedding cakes are not the only issue, Obamacare targeted Christian healthcare providers and attempted to force these providers to include birth control and in some cases abortion services even though those services were in direct conflict with the religious values and beliefs these providers abided by. Why force them to do something against their will and their God-given right to practice religion freely. Couldn’t consumers just go to a different health provider and receive the services they requested? Planned Parenthood is only too happy to provide birth control and we certainly know that they have no problems killing unborn children. Why go to a provider who might say ‘NO’?

Life is full of choices. If a business or provider doesn’t want my business for whatever reason, it might be frustrating but I don’t take the rejection personally. I certainly wouldn’t sue or attempt to force someone to take my business. I just move on and find someone who will fulfill my request. Alas some people however are so full of their own hubris they can’t take ‘NO’ for an answer. Sad really. Freedom of choice is a right for both consumers and businesses. Why waste time and effort by attempting to turn a simple ‘NO’ into a bitter ‘YES’. Funny times we live in. Governing by division has spawned movements where people think their new-found rights trump their fellow citizen’s rights. As a skeptic and cynic I theorize that governing by dividing people into aggrieved groups is actually an attempt by our government to enforce its own totalitarian views of government as the source of our rights and not God. I do not and will not ever accept this view. I know right from wrong and I know my rights are GOD given. The government will never convince me otherwise. Just like I believe two wrongs do not make a civil right, I believe ‘NO’ doesn’t mean I need a lawsuit to stroke my allegedly injured ego. Grow up people, stop crying and start living. The world if full of choices, one of the best choices is the choice to be happy.

The opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They are based on what I read, research and have experienced in life. Comments are welcome.

Have a great day……………………………………………………

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