Friday Observations……………….

Liberals just can’t seem to leave people alone. The NFL rams Social Justice down fans throats with anthem protests, the ‘geniuses’ who play in the NBA spout off about gun-control and entertainers from actors to singers force their opinions on everyone thru twitter and TV appearances. In today’s world it seems to be impossible to just sit down and enjoy a sporting event or movie or TV show without some political rant interfering.

Now another entertainment venue is selling its soul for mindless and mind-numbing social justice. Netflix has signed the Obama’s on to provide ‘entertainment and social justice’ content for their subscribers displeasure.  Our previous divider-in-chief promises to heal the nation’s political divide and hopefully create a million more Obama types for the betterment of America and the world. Spare me please!!!

My guess is subscribers will move on to more pure entertainment. Since many of Obama’s policies and his racist attitude divided America it would be nice to think he would use his Netflix platform to make amends but considering his narcissistic personality I don’t see any chance of that happening. Sad Netflix is committing suicide and probably doesn’t even realize it.

Sports and entertainment used to be pleasant diversions from all the political and societal BS that polluted American life. Now however the hate America crowd who corrupt our education system and make up the entertainment and political class just can’t resist telling  citizens who still love America how horrible they are and how horrible America was and is. I for one am tired of this BS and refuse to watch or participate in any venue that is run by anti-American sports figures, entertainers or politicians. Call it my right to choose.

I recently read an article by Greg Crosby on the Jewish World Report website concerning the sad state of late night TV talk shows. Once upon a time Johnny Carson was the KING of late-night entertainment and for my money he was one of a kind. He was always gracious and polite to his guests, offended all political parties equally and did so without ever using vulgarity or ugliness. Once Johnny retired allowing Letterman to became the late-night icon things went down hill fast. It only took several Letterman shows for me to realize what a condescending and ignorant ass Letterman was. I tuned out and never tuned back in to late night TV after Letterman became popular. I hear Jay Leno did a credible job, maybe so. The posers and cretins who populate late night TV now make Letterman look like a veritable gentlemen’s gentlemen. Nothing funny to see from Fallon, Colbert or whoever else is on. Just ugly humor aimed at our President and the people who voted for him. Sad in so many ways.

Evidence that CNN is America’s funniest news network. For the week May 14-20 CNN was behind Sponge Bob Square Pants as far as ratings are concerned. Sounds like viewers have made their choice. Sponge Bob has got to be most reliable and truthful and entertaining than CNN. No word yet when CNN will be changing it’s name to the Clown News Network.

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