People Sure Are Crazy………..

A few stories I came across while perusing the Internet:

19-year-old Kayla Irizzary just might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal. During a traffic stop she was found in possession of a pistol which is prohibited since she is a convicted felon. She managed to elude police and escape arrest. Well at least for a while anyway. Seems that Kayla went on her Facebook page and bragged about escaping the gun charge and the police to all her Facebook friends. Police however were tipped off due to her Facebook posting and she was arrested at home in front of her computer shortly after posting. I guess Facebook does share user info…………………………

James Johnson booked a room at a Travelodge in Eastleigh. Jimmy boy was planning on relaxing for five days by getting high on various drugs and relaxing in the bath tub he had filled with potatoes. He also was wearing his favorite bra over his shirt for that extra special vacation experience. Unfortunately Jimmy smoked so much pot that fellow Travelodge customers complained about the strong cannabis smell coming from his room which caused the front desk to contact police. When police entered Jimmy’s room they found pot, ecstasy and psychedelic drugs as well as the tub full of potatoes. Jimmy was booked for narcotics usage. Jimmy didn’t make bail but the potatoes were released on their own recognizance.

Researchers in Paris recently concluded a study that confirms beyond any shadow of doubt that Adolph Hitler is truly dead. News to me since I didn’t even know there was any reason to doubt Hitler’s death. Anyway these French scientists studied Adolph’s teeth and used an aging technique to prove he had been dead since 1945 or at the very least toothless. Wow another ‘great’ mystery solved. The scientific team that made this breakthrough discovery is now turning its techniques and equipment on the mystery of whether or not the Loch Ness monster was actually Jack the Ripper.

American Airlines has announced new rules regarding emotional support animals. The new rules ban spiders, goats, hedge-hogs, ferrets, chickens and hawks. Spiders? Really…. Emotional support spiders? Who or why would anyone even consider emotional support insects and animals as a legit need? Come on people, get a grip!!!!

Dang it I picked the wrong profession. Proof from New York that people sure are crazy. Debbie Hanekamp is a seeress. She charges clients anywhere from $108 – $1,250 to clean their dirty auras. Dirty auras can cause people to feel negative and over emotional. Wonder if Debbie uses spiders to calm some clients down?

Researchers are speculating that an alternate universe or universes actually do exist after running a computer simulation that discovered an unknown force that was seemingly causing the universe to constantly expand. The researchers theorized that this force could be found throughout the universe and could also be tapped into by beings who were attuned to do so. You know I don’t remember where but it seems to me I have heard this theory before. Can’t quite put my finger on where though. Dr. Obi-Wan Kenoby feels further research is warranted.






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