Facebook Can Kiss My…………….

Feeling pretty good today. I started blogging a little less than a year ago and while I may not have a huge number of followers I enjoy writing. I enjoy expressing my opinions and observations and I am always totally honest when I post. I have written several times expressing the fact that my opinions are mine and mine alone, and are based on what I research, think and have experienced. No political correctness in this old man just honesty. Well Facebook apparently disagrees. Let me explain.

On Monday May 21st I posted a picture that I found ironic and represented some dark humor concerning Islam. I also posted a humorous suggestion offering a way for Infidels to celebrate Ramadan. I have a connection to Facebook that allows my Facebook friends to know when I post new blog content. Apparently Facebook took exception to my attempt at ironic humor with Monday’s post and sent me a notification that the Ramadan picture and post in my blog was unacceptable. They also shutdown the link between WordPress and Facebook I had. Well so much for Facebook having a sense of humor.

I had been reading about Facebook censorship and even know several people who Facebook has determined to be less than nice when on-line. For all my attempts to join this group of users which for me is a badge of honor, I would like to thank Facebook for scolding m and as the title of this blog suggests they can kiss my ………

How ironic and hypocritical that Facebook’s founder Zuckerman the all-powerful and wealthy can admit to selling and using Facebook users information for greed and political reasons and yet feel the need to censor his users into conforming to his standards. Of course as a progressive/liberal/more wealthy than God type, he feels the need for rules as long as the little people (Facebook users) follow them while he is free to do as he wants. What a hypocrite and lowlife individual you are sir.

So Facebook thanks for the censorship warning. I will do my best to make sure it is not the last such warning. Unlike your founder I will always be honest with my thoughts and posts. I was so happy when Hillary called me a deplorable. Now Facebook has basically done the same. Happy Happy Joy Joy !!!!!!!!!!



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