Questions Answered & Answers Questioned…………….

A bit of Q & A today:

Have you ever met anyone famous? Yes, Danny Bonaducci from the Partridge Family. Alas it did not go well, Danny was a DJ in Philadelphia at this point in his life and had just been fired from that gig when he was arrested for crack use. I saw him exiting a bank I was going into one day. I vividly recall my surprise when I recognized him. Silence might have been an option but before I knew it I had said “Danny B. Love your radio show, you really ‘crack’ me up”. Yes I definitely loudly announced the word CRACK. He flipped me the finger. Oh well, some people just don’t have a sense of humor. Red-haired little weasel.

If you could pick up a new skill instantly, what would it be? Successfully robbing banks. To always know you could walk into any bank in the world and make a withdrawal would be an awesome feeling.

Do you have any favorite quotes? Two. “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana”. No idea what it means but it be dang funny. “Life is an endless series of bitter disappoints filled with all to brief moments of mindless pleasure”. This one was my mission statement in life for many years. Oh I remember one more “Never go anywhere that doesn’t have a liquor license”. A graduate of AA told me that one.

What was an embarrassing moment in your life? Well, while waiting in a line at a bank I had a runny nose. When I used a tissue I discovered it was runny and a little bloody. Thinking I had cleaned up well I finally had my turn at the counter and the teller asked me if I had been eating Rasinettes because one was stuck in my beard. Actually it was a bloody booger. Color me embarrassed.

Who would play you in a movie based on your life? Rob Schneider because he is funny, quick-witted and a good actor. I loved his performances in Deuce Bigelow, Grown Ups and The Bench Warmers.

What would be your dream job? Being a broadcaster for MLB. I have loved baseball since I was a kid and working in the game in almost any capacity would be a dream come true.

What was your favorite Christmas present? A Mighty Mo toy howitzer. I remember my Mom and I putting it together all day while my Dad was at work. When he came home from work I was ready and fired a plastic cannonball at him which hit him in the jewels. Being a real trooper the grimace was replaced by a smile in seconds. Don’t remember how old I was but it was a special moment.

Have you ever gone out with miss matched socks or shoes? No, but someone I worked with years ago did. Funny thing was when his Dad came to pick him up from work his Dad was wearing miss matched shoes and socks too. Weird but funny moment.

Who would you like to be for a day? Jeff Bezos. I would order one of everything Amazon sells just because I could. Then I would buy myself a baseball team.

What famous person past or present would you like to meet? Groucho Marx from the past. His humor and quotes are priceless. In the present I would like to meet Donald Trump. I admire his business sense and his commitment to at least try to keep his promises to voters and supporters.

What city have you visited that is your favorite? San Diego, Ca. Although it was over 30 years ago I remember it was a beautiful city where the weather was perfect for growing anything. Too bad living in California is so expensive and the political leadership out there are a bunch of commies.

What city have you visited that you didn’t like? Detroit Mi. It was many years ago but I remember listening to the radio when I was there the day before New Year’s Eve. A DJ was warning residents that they only had 48 hours left to break the record. When I inquired at the hotel I was at what that record was, I was informed it was for most murders committed in the city’s history during the course of a year. Yes, as a matter of fact Detroit did set the record over the next 2 days. I wasn’t there though because I went across the border to Windsor Canada by then.

What job or occupation did you try that did not become a career? Free-lance photographer. I was in Detroit and Windsor covering wrestling matches. Back in my home city of Philadelphia I took photos of fires, took photos for human interest stories and historical areas. Never sold a darn thing. I did have fun though.

Alright, all the above answers are true. I actually experienced the events as described or have had thoughts about the other answers that I know won’t happen. I am too old to be Jeff Bezos for instance. If you would like to share a Q & A about yourself feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise Live Long and Prosper……………………………………………………………………

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