Clean & Lean…………………..

I wrote recently concerning my ‘adventures’ with my wife while she devotes time, energy and resources to a diet that detoxifies and enables a person to lose weight by eating what is described as a lean and clean diet. As a person who likes to get to know what I might be facing by helping my wife out with her diet I would like to share some pros and cons concerning the clean and lean program.

PROS: The ‘experts’ who thought up this plan and whom I assume believe in its benefits feel that natural foods aka a lot of veggies, fruits and unprocessed whole grains with lean protein is preferable to a call to the local pizzeria or a drive-thru menu. Their diet if implemented fully should lead to weight loss, increased energy, a healthy heart and I assume other healthy benefits. As with any diet plan a change in eating philosophy is needed, recommended and encouraged if participants really want the desired results. Alright, I can agree with most of this information. Discipline is a key component to many good habits in life and this diet like any other diet requires a certain amount of discipline and dedication on the part of the dieter. So far nothing is a real surprise on the PROS side. Now onto the…….

CONS: People may find the diet difficult to follow because eliminating processed foods and sugars can be difficult. The plan is also expensive since organic and lean foods cost more. Another concern is with no real calorie limit some people may find themselves gaining weight instead of losing weight. Another issue is food prep and cooking is more time-consuming. Alright, more time is needed so I guess dedication is a definite necessity. More money is also an issue especially when you’re on a budget. Again discipline seems to be a key ingredient.

My Thoughts: Well, as a husband I will support my wife thru this difficult time. She feels this diet is what is best for her so I guess as a partner I support her decision. I have even begrudgingly volunteered my time to cook some of these lean and clean meals. As far as participating as a fellow dieter following this eating plan, well let’s just say I might taste some of the stuff I make but I am not willing to take the plunge as she has decided to do.

There are several reasons for my cynicism.  I believe America is obsessed with weight. Too much weight, too little weight whatever. We have diet plans from an endless line of marketing companies that promise a lot but frankly deliver little as far as results go. The diet business is worth billions of dollars and frankly the commercials I see and hear are tedious and a waste of time. I also feel that the word ‘organic’ has become nothing but a marketing gimmick designed to raise prices on food and separate consumers from more of their hard-earned money.  Since my wife and I are on a budget affording food that is allegedly unhealthy but tastes good in addition to food that is healthy and poses the cook with the challenge of making it taste good is not an option. I guess I will accept the challenge initially and see where this dietary road leads.

Anyhow, the first step is accepting the challenge, which I have done and like all challenges I have accepted in life, I fight to win. Now does anyone know a health food store where I can get freshly chopped mince. I have heard since mince herds have been hunted almost to extinction in Europe that this item is expensive and hard to find………


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