Wednesday Wisdom or Wisdumb……………

Wisdom – Good                                                                                                     Wisdumb – Bad

Time to apply this rating scale to various areas of society and culture.

Dick’s Sporting Goods recently came out as an advocate for gun control. They are even going so far as hiring lobbyists to pester and bribe politicians in Washington D.C. to find new and inventive ways to confiscate legal firearms. Since a large part of the sporting goods business involves selling guns for hunting and recreation purposes, Dick’s is deliberately turning it’s back on customers who buy their goods to pursue hobbies that require guns. Now progressive/liberal anti-gun idiots are thrilled about this fact while many legal gun owners are telling Dick’s to piss-off and they are taking their business else where. When this decision affects the bottom line at Dick’s and it probably will sooner rather than later it will be interesting to see how liberal Dick’s so-called leadership responds. Rating: WISDUMB

Isn’t it ironic that progressive thinkers and writers love to point out how intolerant conservatives  should accept and condone liberal politics and governing by labels and divisions. I have heard several times that I should try to understand why liberals think the way they do to get a better understanding of their points and platform. Apparently the liberal left doesn’t feel they have any responsibility to do the same thing when they find people who oppose their ideals. Leonard Pitts Jr., a columnist for the Tribune Company believes it is pointless to attempt to understand Trump supporters because they are older white Americans who will die soon anyway. Why understand these racist and ignorant and uneducated barbarians who are on the verge of extinction.  Well Lenny, not all Trump supporters are white you racist ass-hat. There are Black supporters, Hispanic supporters, Female supporters and well……in terms you might find easier to understand all sorts of Trump supporters from every walk of life, religious creed and sexual orientation. So go ahead, Lenny. Dismiss and insult the opposition. It proves how intolerant and ignorant you and your followers really are. Rating: WISDUMB

San Francisco isn’t the only city that provides clean needles to IV drug abusers, I believe my hometown of Philadelphia does the same thing. In San Francisco though they have city politicians who can’t believe that the streets of their city have now become a virtual wasteland of discarded used needles. While tourists may stay away from this liberally insane city the discarded needles are good for S.F.’s economy. The city has hired ten new employees tasked with the sole responsibility of collecting and discarding these used needles. For coddling and enabling drug use San Francisco is showing how far off the common sense bridge they have jumped. Rating: WISDUMB

The U.S. recently withdrew from the flawed and useless Iran nuke deal. So called allies like France and Germany protested and cried about the pullout like the little surrender monkeys they are.  Fact is paying an evil regime like Iran especially a regime who follows Islam to not make nuclear weapons was not a good strategy to begin with. Islam has no prohibitions concerning telling lies to non-believers so right there, trust is not exactly a strong point. Of course like everything else President Trump attempts or does a whiny liberal nobody has to attempt to prevent common sense from being part of America’s world strategy. This time it was John ‘I hate America’ Kerry trying to negotiate on America’s behalf when he knew darn well he had no authority to do so. Rating: WISDUMB for Obama’s illegal deal with Iran (it was never ratified so technically it was illegal) and a WISDUMB to John Kerry for interfering where he didn’t belong. For President Trump and the United States a well-earned WISDOM.

A nice bit of common sense from columnist Kurt Schlichter recently. He wrote a very good article about why being a Christian does not mean a person needs to surrender meekly to liberal ideas and ideals. Mr. Schlichter points out that Jesus was a voice of reason and resistance in His time. There is no reason Christians shouldn’t do the same today. Rating: WISDOM

This list is just a sampling of what goes on in our culture and politics. Unfortunately there is usually more WISDUMB going on that WISDOM. Hopefully some day soon then pendulum will swing toward the WISDOM side as more liberals self destruct and prove what idiots they really are. Until then I will pray for liberals to see the light of common sense and hopefully start proposing ideas that are good for everyone in America and not just governing by labels and division. I certainly won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen though.

You all come back now, HEAR!!!

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