Myths About the Internet and Blogging…..

Myths abound and the internet is not immune.

1- The internet is nothing but pictures and videos of cats. Not true with the exception of Facebook. Facebook has lots of cat pictures and videos.

2- People write mean things on-line that they would never say face-to-face. Not true, I have written things on-line that were interpreted as being mean and I have also said those things to people in face-to-face situations. As a matter of fact my on-line mission statement (one of them anyway) is “If I haven’t offended you on-line yet, please be patient. I’m sure I will get to you sooner or later”.

3- There are untruths on the Internet. As much as I kid around about seeing things on the internet so they must be true, I do know and suspect in some cases it just isn’t true. I have seen proof of lies and useless news on-line whenever I access sites like CNN, MSNBC, or any Democratic Party associated web-site.

4- People who post on the internet rarely use proper grammar or spelling. Not true, for instance I always use Spell Chick to make sure my spilling is accurate.

5- The internet is fun. Well, yes it can be. But only if you’re watching cat videos and replying to internet postings in a hateful manner to make people angry. Otherwise why surf the net?

Some myths about blogging.

1- Blog posts should never be over 500 words. I think this depends on content. I can read a longer than usual blog post as long as there is something to hold my interest. So I think this myth is not true.

2- If you can’t write well you shouldn’t blog. Not true, blogging for me anyway is an expression of ideas, opinions and observations. Just like free speech blogging can be done by anyone.

3- You have to post everyday. While blogging frequently isn’t a  bad idea it is not absolutely necessary in my humble opinion. I read many blogs thru the day and while most post info daily some post only when they have time or something to share.

4- You can’t write a blog in just an hour. Again I don’t believe this is true. Depends on the subject matter. I have seen intriguing blog posts that were very short and probably didn’t take long to create. It all depends on the individual blogger, their thought process and their writing process.

5- Bloggers post while in their pajamas. Well I can unequivocally say I have not ever posted anything to my blog while wearing my PJs. Now I did do a blog post naked one time but I might have been a bit drunk. Therefore I think I deserve a pass on that one.

Anyway, hope I helped to shed some light of truth on myths about the internet and blogging. Now let me post this blog quickly because once it’s posted and on the internet it will be considered true for all eternity. Bye, Bye for now……………………………………………

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