Monday Music Musings………………..

A good buddy of mine and I were texting the other day and somehow or other we ended up remarking how something that one of us said sounded like a good song idea. Usually we find whatever it is that was said is from an actual song. I guess that got my brain cells engaged into thinking about the effect music can have on our lives, situations and just about anything we experience. So I would like to share some of my favorite songs and describe why these musical numbers have a place in my life. All music listed here is probably available on iTunes or YouTube. Being a lazy old man I didn’t take the time to provide links.

Every lineup needs a constant hitter at the top. Leading off for the Skeptical Observers today is a happy song that never fails to make me….well, happy. The artist is not well-known but once you hear the lyrics they will stick with you like roadkill stew washed down with moonshine.

Happy, Happy Joy, Joy by Stinky Wizzleteats.

Now I have gone thru many iterations of the person that is me. I have been God-fearing, God hating, hard-drinking, forever partying and sometimes nice and sometimes not so nice in my life. Hey we all go thru phases. The next song I have requested as part of my funeral playlist.

Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Reminiscing since I turned 60 has become an official hobby of mine.  I remember my youth and the person I once was or at least thought I was. A great song for these memories is by one of my all-time favorite artists and bats 3rd in my musical lineup.

Like a Rock by Bob Seger

Along the same lines as the song mentioned above because the memories flow freely with this one and also appearing as my clean-up hitter.

As Good As I Once Was by Toby Keith.

Now I have been married twice, helped raise four kids and if there is one thing I have learned it is the fact that I don’t know everything but I also know everything that goes wrong wasn’t because of me. So number 5 is this classic.

It Ain’t My Fault by The Brothers Osborne

Continuing with my line-up of songs that have special meanings in my world is number 6 on my hit parade. Another song that brings back memories and experiences. Many a Christian can probably identify with this one.

My Church by Maren Morris.

Alright now as we count the hits of my life and the songs of my youth and not so youthful life I have another favorite to share coming in at number 7 in my lineup. This hit at least at the time it was released is memorable because I was 18 had taken my first vacation on my own and I was in Florida at the time, where I could actually drink legally. I played this song so many times poolside at my hotel another guest threatened to shoot the jukebox if he heard it yet again. Another all-time favorite band of mine. 1973 man, good times………

Smoke on The Water by Deep Purple.

We all have periods in our lives where things just aren’t working out for one reason or another. We may feel a little depressed about not getting what we think we rightly deserve. This next song sums up those feelings and situations perfectly.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

So now we come to number 9. I cultivated my sense of humor by watching the Marx Brothers and their zany antics for many years from childhood thru adulthood. So Groucho Marx rounds out my list with this favorite of mine and another fun song for fun sake.

Lydia the Tattooed Lady by Groucho Marx

Each of these songs has memories aplenty for me. There are even many more that I didn’t include. If you happen to find yourself in Pennsylvania someday and are walking by a home where any of these musical numbers is being blasted thru speakers, well you just might be outside my domicile. Don’t be afraid to knock on the door and ask if you can have a cold drink and listen to the music of the day. I like to share. Later Y’All.

Feel free to share music that helps you think or remember something about the times of your life.








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