They Did What?????

Many a historical person started out in life following a dream that never did become true or maybe started life with a job that was humbling. Ultimately they became famous or infamous for other reasons.

Fidel Castro once attempted to become a Major League Base pitcher. Alas while Fidel had visions of baseball grandeur he followed a different path perhaps because of this scouting report on his baseball talent: “He shows great enthusiasm, doesn’t have a great arm so he might want to look into another profession besides baseball.”

Adolph Hitler originally wanted to become a professional artist but he failed the entrance exam for the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Ironically enough some of his paintings that survived WWII have been sold for thousands of dollars at auctions.

Hillary Clinton had an interesting first job. Reportedly she once worked in Alaska as a salmon slimer. Her job required her to spoon out the insides of salmon before they went to the fish market. That might explain why she has forever been committing crimes and caught up in political scandals. Maybe she just can’t stop doing something that is ‘fishy’ and ‘slimy’.

Donald Trump’s father wanted him to learn the value of money and hard work. So as a child Donald collected empty bottles which he sold to recycling centers for money. President Trump says he didn’t make much money but the lesson taught him to work for his money.

Bernie Sanders allegedly worked as a carpenter before being elected Mayor of Burlington Vermont. People remember Bernie as being very friendly, out-going and ‘sociable’. I guess he didn’t do too well as a carpenter since Bernie has been living off tax-payer money for many years now.

Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon once worked for McDonald’s. Surprising then that every time you order something on-line you are not asked if you want fries with that.

Funny how dreams can be squashed and a person ends up doing something else they may never thought about doing. I guess in one way or another each of the people mentioned above were able to take advantage of opportunities in their lives that led them to the ranks of history. Whether famous or infamous we all have the gift of ‘freedom of choice’. Ultimately that gift and how we use it whether it be wisely or not so wisely dictates who we become and how others see us. Freedom of choice, use it wisely my friends………………………………………………





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