Random Thoughts and Observations……….

The internet is full of advice and news on a variety of topics and situations and issues. Some advice and news  is good, some advice and news is bad and some advice and news is just plain “SAY WHAT!!!”……………………………

Deanne Carson a ‘sexuality expert and author recommends that adults should ask permission before changing a baby’s diaper. Asking before hand and then waiting thirty seconds cultivates a culture of consent. OK lady, I have changed a diaper in my time and the dirty diaper is usually announced to the adult by the baby screaming and crying because they have a messy bum or crotch. I believe the screaming is probably permission to change said diaper as the poor child doesn’t have the gift of speaking yet. Every second counts so forgive me if I regulate this childcare suggestion to the list of useless ideas.

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies are joining the war on the opioid crisis. Starting later this year these pharmacies will limit opioid prescriptions to just a 7 day supply. A spokesperson for the pharmacies explained how this will  decrease opioid misuse and help with overdoses. So let me see if I follow this line of thinking here, since logic doesn’t seem to be in evidence. Make chronic pain sufferers make more frequent trips to your drug counters for the meds they need all in the name of patting yourselves on the back for doing something to fight the opioid crisis. Just as I feared, the derangement syndrome over opioid drug use in America will only hurt and hinder law-abiding opioid users who use the drugs as prescribed and need them for pain relief. This plan does absolutely NOTHING to combat illegal drug use. How sad we treat illegal drug users with more sympathy than we do chronic pain sufferers.

Nancy Pelosi recently played a Doctor on the internet when she suggested that smoking marijuana and practicing yoga would be a wonderful solution for chronic pain sufferers instead of opioids. Sure thing Nancy, lets see a chronic back pain sufferer do a yoga pose to resolve their pain issues after smoking a bong or two. Sounds like crack medical advice from a crack-pot. Pun intended.

Did you know that if you are a vegan and drink tap water or bottled water you are not a true vegan? You did!!! Well I ain’t vegan and never will be, but I sure didn’t know that. Apparently there is a water filter that uses Himalayan Pink Salt to filter microbes that  exist in water and are considered animals in some vegan’s minds. Alrighty then, this ranks up there with other health ideas like Diet Water (yes there is such a thing) or Skinny Water or any other ‘health’ idea that separates a health conscious individual from their money. Next thing vegans will be saying is when you boil water you can hear the microbes scream in pain.

Bruce Jenner recently said that Trump’s election set back transgender rights for decades. Fair is fair Bruce my boy. I believe changing yourself into a female set the responsibility of being a role model back generations. Yes Bruce you can wear a wig, fake boobies and make-up but you’re still a male of the species. Not my fault you’re a nut job.

Over 97% of mass shootings take place in gun-free zones. WOW that is surprising….wait a minute no it ain’t. This stat is from the FBI. Now my confidence in the FBI is lower than confidence in Hillary Clinton not actually being a demon in a skin suit but the G-Men probably got this one right. One thing crazies seem to hate more than anything is a place where other people besides them have a gun. Heck a crazy person could get hurt or killed in such a place.

A college in Oswego N.Y. recently hosted an open mic night where students are encouraged to exercise their freedom of speech rights and talk about any subject they wish. Well kind of. One student, a young woman read a letter she wrote describing her problems being a conservative at this mostly liberal school. Seems liberals for all their blather about being more inclusive and tolerant aren’t so inclusive and tolerant. A cry-baby student in the audience took offense to the young woman’s letter and complained to the college’s administration. The young woman received a letter from an administrator informing her that while open mic night is for a free expression of opinions, if there is a complaint it must be addressed. As a matter of fact even one complaint is enough to bring down discipline on the person accused of offending another student. The notice went on to specify an ‘unwritten’ rule for open mic night is an offender is given one warning, if they offend again they can be prohibited from participation in future open mic nights. Unwritten rules eh? So much for tolerance from the liberal/progressives on campus as well as in our society. You are welcome to speak your mind but if we don’t like what you have to say we’ll just shut you up. Political correctness, censorship dressed up as manners.

Well no political correctness here. Just straight talk and honest opinion.








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